Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria (21 days)


The 200-hour Intensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance International is designed to train you especially in classical hatha yoga, the most traditional form of Yoga present in the contemporary world. During this teacher training, you will learn all the aspects of Hatha yoga - from asanas and making sequences through philosophy and human anatomy with proper guidance on teaching practicum and teaching methodology to help you to become an authentic and self-confident yoga teacher.

Become a Yoga Teacher

It is a level of teacher training which makes you eligible to teach yoga all over the world. Through Yog Temple's 200-hour yoga teacher training, you can become a certified yoga teacher and can also register yourself with Yoga Alliance International. We welcome students of all levels to this course - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular and useful yoga styles in today’s world. It is the oldest form of yoga and also known as the mother of all other forms of Yoga. In Hatha Yoga, we bring together the breath and the movement so that we learn to tune the asanas into a rhythmical breathing pattern (especially during coming in and out of the pose). Due to this practice, we bring our body and mind into harmony, which leads to an improved outlook on life.


Hatha yoga teaches us to be creative and aware on the mat and in our lives. It gives us strength, flexibility, freedom, fun, happiness and is super friendly to the mind and body. Hatha yoga can be practiced by all level students, however, needs special modifications and proper guidance. Our 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training course in Austria is designed for those who want to go deeper into their yoga practice and would like to learn and teach different types of sequencing and classical and modern asanas.

We all know that there is a huge demand for authentic Yoga teachers in the world these days, keeping this in mind we prepared or constructed this special 200 YTTC for all yoga lovers.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria

Course content

Following topics are covered in this course:

Course Fee


Early Bird Discount: Get 100€ off on the total course fee, when you book and pay at least three months before the course starts.

Students Discount: Enrolled students get 250€ off on the total course fee. Proof of enrollment has to be provided. Not valid in conjunction with other discounts.

Early Bird Discount.

Spezial Studierenden-Rabatt: Studierende erhalten bei Vorlage einer gültigen Inskriptionsbescheinigung einen Rabatt von 250€. Studierenden-Rabatt nicht mit Frühbucher-Rabatt kombinierbar.

The course fee includes the following:

  • ⦿ Welcome ceremony
  • ⦿ Training
  • ⦿ Accommodation in single bedroom with attached bathroom
  • ⦿ Tea during the day
  • ⦿ Course material (Yoga Manuals, Sequence Sheets, Matra Sheets, Anatomy and Ayurveda Manuals)
  • ⦿ Certification - Yoga Teacher 200h

500€ non-refundable booking amount needs to be paid at the time of application through PayPal, Bank transfer or by Western Union money transfer. Money transferring charges will be paid by the student. Rest of the fee has to be paid two months before course start via bank transfer.

The course fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. In case of any cancellation, you can reschedule to any YTTC within 1 year of registration.

For installments or more information please contact us. (

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria

Course Location

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Austria takes place at Auszeitplatz in Dechantskirchen (Styria).
You can reach us within 1h 10min from Vienna and Graz by car.
Accommodation in a single room for 21 nights is included in the course fee. You are welcome to use our fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals.
Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria

Dates 2019

21-day 200h YTTC- November 20194th-24th November 2019€3000,-enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- December 20192nd-22nd December 2019€3000,-enroll now

Dates 2020

21-day 200h YTTC- March 20202nd-22nd March 2020€3000,-enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- April 20206th-26th April 2020€3000,-enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- May 20204th-24th May 2020€3000,-enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- June 20201st-21st June 2020€3000,-enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- August 20203rd-23rd August 2020€3000,-enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- September 20207th-27th September 2020€3000,-enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- October 20205th-25th October 2020€3000,-enroll now

Benefits of our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria

  • ♦ Learn the secrets of this ancient way of life directly from an Indian yoga teacher.
  • Get certified and become eligible to teach Yoga all over the world.
  • Understand the proper techniques for various Yoga Asanas/Pranayamas and their impact on human anatomy.
  • ♦ Be fully equipped with all the knowledge you need to run your own yoga class.
  • Guidance for opening up your own school or studio
  • ♦ Feel completely renewed.


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Yog Temple’s 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course in Austria is registered with Yoga Alliance International and Indian Federation of Yoga. Students who will be certified from our school will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance International or Indian Federation of Yoga as CYT 200 (Certified Yoga Teacher 200).