Lammas – Celtic harvest festival on 2nd of August

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Lammas, Lughnasadh, grain festival, harvest festival, thanksgiving
Meaning in the year circle Harvest time
Symbols sickle, bread, wheat, grain dolls, carved dolls from corncobs
Colours Golden, Orange
Stones amber, fire opal, tiger's eye
Keywords harvest, supplies, gratitude, wealth

Why are we celebrating Lammas?

In the night of the 2nd of August (traditionally the 8th full moon after Yule) we harvest the fruits that we have sown. Now it’s harvest time, in the actual and figurative sense. Grains are cut, fruits are ripe and it is time to prepare for the winter. We preserve and stock food.
The Celts honor the light (Lugh) that day, which has made a rich harvest possible. But they also celebrated the earth and mother goddess Taillte, which brought agriculture to the people. To honor her the celts held grave or funeral games, also called the Tailleteanische games. Taillteanische weddings were common as well. A bond was made for one year and one day. After this probationary period, the couple could decide whether they want to stay married or not. This form of the marriage was usual until the 16th century.

Are we celebrating Lammas today?

Today we are no longer dependent on winter supplies, so it is important to bless and give thanks to our personal harvest. In a figurative sense, it is now time to reap the fruits of our hard work. What have I achieved, received and given? Leave behind, which is not mature yet. Nothing is lost. Something else will come of it. Give thank to nature and the universe for your abundant harvest. You can show your gratitude through rituals. Here are some ideas:

Lammas rituals

Thankful walking

Take a walk alone in nature and use the energy of the earth to become aware of what you can reap and what you are thankful for. Also find out which aspects of your life do not bear a ripe harvest and you can therefore let go. You can also ask yourself which wealth is waiting for you.

Your own Thanksgiving


Organize your own harvest festival, for you alone, your closest circle or something bigger. You can make dolls from corn, bake a cake or bread (especially nice in braided patterns) and prepare a feast.

Offerings to the Earth Mother

Build a small altar and decorate it with corn, flowers and fresh fruit. Write on a piece of paper for what you are thankful for. Wrap the paper around a beautiful stone or fruit and put it next to a fertile tree as an offering to the Earth Goddess. Burn insents or local herbs such as sage or thyme to clean old energy, which you no longer needed.

Time of the lion

At this time, we take responsibility for our actions. We are full of power and energy. Use this strength for the benefit of all. If we do not do that, we insist on leadership claims and waste time.

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Yule: winter solstice

Imbolc: 2nd full moon after Yule

Ostara: Spring Equinox

Beltane: 5th full moon after Yule

Litha: Summer solstice

Lammas: 8th full moon after Yule

Mabon: Autumn equinox

Samhain: 11th new moon in the year


21st of December

usually celebrated on 2nd of February

21st of March

usually celebrated on 30th of April

21st of June

usually celebrated on 2nd of August

23rd of September

usually celebrated on 31st of October

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