What is shamanic drumming?

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Shamanic drumming is the playing of a drum to get into a trance state. Shamans and shaman practitioners can travel to the Otherworld in a light trance and ask for help and healing for themselves and others. There they meet their helping spirits like power animals or spiritual teachers. The trance state and the otherworld journey form the basis of the shamanic work. In ceremonies, drumming is also used to open the doors to the spirit world and the consciousness of all participants.

How do you get into a trance state?

There are countless ways to fall into a trance. For the shamanic work one should be in a light trance state in order to still be aware of the outside world. Therefore, chemical and plant substances are not suitable for shamanic work. Through these you fall into a deep trance and you lose the ability to control.

Another option is meditation. Through regular exercise, the brain waves slow down, and you fall into a trance. This method is very difficult and difficult to sustain. Therefore, it is only partially suitable for shamanic work.

The traditional form of getting into a light trance are instruments. Rain Maker, ocean drums, rattles and the popular frame drum are great for shamanic work.

How does shamanic drumming work?

The drum is the most popular medium for shamanic work worldwide and there is a good reason for that: it is a very simple but highly effective technique. Through the repetitive rhythm, which begins slowly and then increases in speed, the practitioner can slide into ever-deeper trance states. If you want to leave the trance state, you simply slow down the tempo or break the rhythm (also called “recall”).

How do I get into the Otherworld?

On the Internet you will find countless manuals and drum MP3s that easily seduce you into going on an adventure on your own. I recommend learning shamanic journeying with a teacher. Once you know the basics and you have some experience in shamanic work, you can easily travel alone. However, it should be clear to everyone that a shamanic journey is not a pastime, but a serious healing method at the soul level.

Shamanic practitioners themselves play their frame drum. This has the advantage that the rhythm and the speed can be adjusted. Especially at the beginning it is hard to concentrate on drumming and traveling. Therefore somebody else should play the drum or you can also pick up recorded drum music. Here’s a nice example from Michael Harner:

You want to learn shamanic drumming?

Start your shamanic journey and explore the Otherworld. Learn the methods and techniques of shamanic work in our shamanism course. Anyone can learn the ancient techniques of shamanism and use them for himself and others.

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