Yoga in the third trimester

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Yoga in the third trimester. Now you are already in the final round of your pregnancy and many things become a challenge already: tying shoes, the growing belly is in the way, you may be tired more often and your thoughts wander to the birth more often. If you have not slowed down yet, now is a good opportunity to take a breath and focus more on you and your miracle. Enjoy this precious time. For me personally, the last trimester was a pure roller coaster ride. Sometimes I'm full of energy and the next day I'm not even able to get out of bed. Also in terms of mood, anticipation and euphoria mix with nervousness about the birth and fear of the future. Everything is there, and I think that's normal too.


Yoga in the third trimester

Everything is easy in the second trimester and you are energetic. Now everything is a bit more difficult. You should also pay attention to this during your yoga practice. Focus on light asanas, breathing exercises and meditation. Mantras are great preparation for birth as well.


Asanas - Yoga in the third trimester

Like climbing stairs, yoga becomes more difficult. Therefore, practice gentle asanas and only as long as you feel good about it. Listen to your body and its needs.

Parsva Sukhasana_yoga_in_the_third_trimester_yog_temple_yogateachertraining

Parsva Sukhasana (Easy side stretch) stretches your sides and gives the baby more room. It relaxes the spine and helps with a stiff back.


Balasana (child pose) relaxes and stretches the lower back. As your stomach is slightly in the way, spread your knees and get comfortable on a cushion.


Gomukasana (cow face pose) stretches the upper body and gives your baby more space. It stretches your arms and relieves shoulder pain. If the stomach becomes hard and you feel uncomfortable, avoid this position.


Shavasana (corpse pose) brings relaxation and tranquility to the body and mind. From the 24th week you should avoid the supine position (vena cava syndrome - baby lies on the vena cava and stops blood flow). So make yourself comfortable in the side position with a pillow between your knees and under your head and put a blanket as support for your belly.

Pranayama - Yoga in the third trimester

nadi shodhana, Yog Temple, Yoga in Europe

Pranayama should accompany you throughout the pregnancy as it is the ideal preparation for birth. Nervousness lets us breathe flat, which causes the muscles to cramp and the birth becomes more difficult and painful. Mindful, deep breathing is your best helper for a gentle and safe birth. In the third trimester, it is high time to start practicing.

To deepen your breathing, you can practice Nadi Shodhana every day. From the 36th week, you can concentrate on simple deep and long breathing. This allows you to relax the body during labor and experience an easier and more comfortable birth. When your mind and your muscles are relaxed, the entire birthing process is easier. You can find out more about this with the keyword: Hypnobirthing. I can recommend this method to every expectant mother!

Meditation - Yoga in the third trimester

On one hand, you can use classical meditation in the third trimester for relaxation. Particularly suitable for this are breathing meditation or mindfulness meditation.

On the other hand, you can build a strong connection to your baby through meditation. Take a few minutes each day. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and feel deep inside yourself and your belly. How is your little miracle doing today? Send loving thoughts to your baby and visualize the moment when you can finally hold her or him in your arms.


Mantra Chanting - Yoga in the third trimester

Mantra chants are the repetition of a syllable, word or phrase. The quality of this expression passes into our body, mind and energy body through repetition. Whatever you choose as your mantra will manifest in your existence. In the third trimester, you should focus on the preparation for birth. Choose one of the following mantras and repeat it daily for a few minutes - after your yoga practice, during a walk or just in between.

  • "Adi Shakti" brings feminine and creative energy, the mother energy, into our body
  • "Sa Ta Na Ma" stands for the continuous circle of life and helps to balance the hemispheres of the brain. It supports you in times of change.
  • "My body knows exactly what to do"
  • "I feel safe and strong"
  • "Breathing calms me and my baby"
  • "I am filled with peaceful power"
  • "Birth is a natural process and I am a part of it"
  • "I will give birth powerfully and relaxed."
  • ...


Preparations for the birth

  • Create a playlist for your birth
  • Find relaxation exercises or visualizations for birth as MP3
  • For Homebirth: Get a home enema kit and practice a few times. That brought me a lot of relaxation at birth ... It really is not that bad! Promised!
  • Choose a soothing essential oil. Use it already during your relaxation exercises. At birth, your brain will already be familiar with the smell and remember the relaxation and make it easier for you to give birth.
  • Think of postpartum helpers: tea out of lady's mantle (genus alchemilla], yarrow (achillea millefolium) and Chinese cress (Capsella bursa-pastoris); Oak bark concentrate for sitz baths or rinses; sanitary pads, cool packs in the freezer; quickly cooked food; nipple cream (such as wool grease), silk or cotton nursing pads, and anything that brings you well-being (in my case, that's chocolate 😉)
  • Deep breathing, deep breathing, deep breathing


Questions, suggestions, and testimonials as always welcome! 🙂