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Yoga Retreat

Yoga Teacher Trainings Goa Himalaya India, Yoga Retreat in India



7-Day Empowering Hatha Yoga Retreat in India



Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level Yoga practitioners – All are welcome


Course duration

1 week


Course syallabus

Asanas, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Philosophy, Yogic Cleansing Techniques, Yogic diet.


Instruction language

English, but our teachers are also fluent in Hindi and German.


Course Layout

On the one hand our Yoga Retreat in India is for you, if you are new to Hatha Yoga. On the other hand you will enjoy that week as well, if you have been practicing Yoga before and you wish to take your understanding of the practice to higher levels. Our Retreat is designed to help you experience rejuvenation and relaxation of the body, mind and soul. Our team of  yoga teachers will guide you through empowering Asana & Pranayama sessions twice daily (morning & evening). Futhermore we offer daily Mantra chanting and simple body cleansing techniques. Not only does the experience enrich your Hatha Yoga practice. It also helps you accomplish your Yoga goals and deepen your practice. At the end of the Retreat you will feel refreshed in your new found knowledge and ready to take on newer Yoga challenges.


Yoga Teacher Training Goa Himalayas India, Yoga Retreat in India


About Goa

Goa is the country’s smallest state and famous for its colonial Portuguese and Catholic past. Most tourists visit Goa for its endless selection of sandy beaches and coastal attractions. Standing proudly next to the Arabian Sea, Goa is a particularly compact state, it often feels like a large town. Therefore it is easy to travel to most locations around the state by bus, car, taxi or auto rickshaw.

Moreover there are two main cities to visit within Goa: Panaji (the capital city) and Vasco da Gama (the biggest town). However, most tourists come to enjoy the beaches of Goa. There bamboo beach accommodations can be found and water sports enjoyed. The beaches of Baga and Calangute are especially popular all through the year.

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