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100-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sweden

Yog Temple offers 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sweden - it is a two week programme especially designed for beginners and people who have been practicing yoga for some time. This yoga course will help you to deepen your Yogic knowledge and also to take your personal practice to the next level. More over you will be given essential and necessary tools to practice yoga all by yourself. Therefore no need to go to a fancy yoga studio, health club or gym. On the completion of this yoga teacher training course, students will become their own yoga teachers and can decide for themselves when and where to practice.

Be your own Yoga Teacher

During this 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sweden you will learn pranayamas (breathing techniques), how to meditate, body cleansing techniques, introduction to Ayurveda, anatomy and physiology of the human body, sun salutation, standing asanas, seated forward bending asanas, backward bending asanas, twisting asanas, meditation asanas, inverted asanas including head stand and how to make your own yoga sequence. The teacher training course covers all Asana corrections, alignment, modifications (asanas which will be taught during the course) and a proper guide how to deepen and improve overall yoga practice. Basically, we have a lot to teach you during this yoga course, to do so we want you to be fully commited towards the programme.


100h YTTCDatesStatus
13-day 100h YTTC10th -22nd February 2020enroll now

Deepen your Yoga Practice

Yog Temple's 100-hour yoga program is a special and intensive course. This teacher training is ideal for those who have limited time and are more focused on deepening their own practice, people who want to be independent when it comes to practising yoga, or for practitioners who want to add additional hours onto their yoga profile.

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Learn from an Indian Yoga Teacher

Leading teacher of this course is Nipun Sharma the founder of Yog Temple from India. His way of teaching yoga is classical, straight forward and fun at the same time. He alters and modifies his sequencing according to his students needs. Nipun believes in training to only those practitioners who are serious about learning Yoga. Every student must have this understanding that Yoga is an ancient Yogic science which is very powerful. It can heal you on all levels of your existence if practised in a right way. However, if practised in a wrong manner it can destroy the health! At Yog Temple our priority is to keep our students safe while they are in learning process and to give them the right Yogic education so they are capable of practicing Yoga alone without hurting themselves.

Course Fee


Early Bird Discount: Get 100€ off on the total course fee, when you book and pay at least three months before the course starts.

Students Discount: Enrolled students get 100€ off on the total course fee. Proof of enrollment has to be provided. Not valid in combination with other discounts.

The course fee includes the following:

  • ⦿ Welcome ceremony
  • ⦿ Training
  • ⦿ Accommodation in single bedroom with attached bathroom
  • ⦿ Tea during the day
  • ⦿ Course material (Yoga Manuals, Sequence Sheets, Mantra Sheets, Anatomy and Ayurveda Manuals)
  • ⦿ Certification - Yoga Teacher 100h

500€ non-refundable booking amount needs to be paid at the time of application through PayPal, Bank transfer or by Western Union money transfer. Money transferring charges will be paid by the student. Rest of the fee has to be paid two months before course start.

The course fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. In case of any cancellation, you can reschedule to any YTTC within 1 year of registration.

For installments or more information please contact us. (

Course Location

Yog Temple's 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training is held at our Yoga Ashram in Virserum, South Sweden.
Students will be accommodated in a single room for 13 nights. Accommodation is included in the course fee.

Benefits of our 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sweden

  • Learn yoga in its purest form from an Indian yoga teacher.
  • Get trained to practice yoga all by yourself.
  • Have a proper understanding of  Yoga Asanas, Meditation, pranayama... and their effect on the body, mind, and emotional levels.
  • Life time support from the teachers via email or phone.
  • Feel fully confident to be your own Teacher 🙂


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Yog Temple’s 100h Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sweden is registered with Yoga Alliance International and Indian Federation of Yoga. Students who will be certified from our school will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance International or Indian Federation of Yoga as CYT 100 (Certified Yoga Teacher 100).