Yoga in Austria 


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Yoga Teacher Training

Complete your 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Yog Temple and get authentic lessons from our Indian yoga teacher. Get to know the true roots of this ancient way of living and get a worldwide valued Yogateacher Certificate.          Om Tat Sat!

Shamanism courses

Everyone can learn the methods of shamanism and apply it to solve health problems – for yourself and for others. Shamanism is also a way to gain higher consciousness. Shamanic work makes it possible to see behind the semblance of the visible world and to understand profound connections.


Yoga Retreats

Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind you and experience yoga in its purest form with our Indian Yoga teacher. Centre yourself and enjoy the time close to the Nationalpark High Tauern . Our retreat takes place at the 4-Star Hotel Lärchenhof in Kleinarl, a peaceful venue in the middle of the Alps.

Event Dates Venue Price Status
Yoga Retreat with Ayurveda and Shamanism 15th - 17th June 2018 4-Star Hotel Lärchenhof Kleinarl €460,- book now
21-days 200h Yogateachertraining May 30th April-20th May 2018 Wagrain / Salzburg €2500,- book now
14-days Shamanism Course May (English) 30th April-13th May 2018 Wagrain / Salzburg €1100,- book now

Discover how you can be healthy on all levels

body, mind and soul!

At our peaceful ashram we conduct 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings, Shamanism courses and Yoga retreats. Furthermore, Yog Temple is internationally recognized and registered with Yoga Alliance International. Our Yoga certificates are valued worldwide. Our highly qualified and experienced Indian and western yoga teachers will show you how traditional yoga can fit into today’s contemporary lifestyle. Therefore, Yog Temple’s 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course has helped students from around the world build their career as professional yoga teachers. Thus, we are specialized in the most traditional form of Yoga, known as Hatha Yoga. Our YTTC contains all aspects of Hatha Yoga -  Meditiation, Pranayama (Breathing exercices), Asanas (Body postures), Mudras (gestures), Bandhas (Energy locks), Yoga philosophy und Kriyas (Cleansing techniques).

Yoga in Austria

Yoga Teacher Training in India, Yoga Alliance International cys-500

„Your body is

your temple.

Keep it pure and clean

for the soul to reside in.“

-B.K.S. Iyengar-

Our Goal

is to spread an authentic yogic lifestyle  

Furthermore, we offer alternate healing methods. Our foundation is the oldest healing method of humankind- shamanism. For thousands of years shamanic healing methods have been used in all cultures around the world. It also gaining acceptance and relevance in our regions again. Already in 1980 shamanism was attributed with the same value as western medicine in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases by the WHO (World Health Organization)  Find out more about shamanism here.

In our shamanism courses and private sessions, we pass on this ancient knowledge and connect it with the wisdom of yoga. In doing so, we achieve a comprehensive and profound healing for our clients.

Additionally, we combine our healing sessions with Reiki, psychoenergetic kinesiology, reincarnation therapy and energetic housecleans. Read more here.

Yoga in Austria
Yoga in Austria
Yoga in Austria

Experience the time in nature and restore your energy. Relax in peace and let your spirit flow.


Connect to your inner self and spend unforgetable moments with like-minded people.


Gain deep knowledge and the ability to integrate the newly learnt things in your daily life.

"yoga is a transformational journey"


Amy (UK):

I attended the 21 day shamanism course. Being very new to shamanism I was not sure what to expect, but during the 3 weeks I learnt so many techniques that I am now applying to my life. The work was very deep so it was important to me that the class size was so small. I found that the combination of morning yoga and study of anatomy and Ayurveda worked really well with the practical shamanism classes. The yoga and meditation/mantra chanting really helped me to start the day feeling grounded and ready for the shamanism class. I was already familiar with Ayurveda but it was good to learn more. Overall I really feel that the course has given me a solid foundation on which to continue my shamanic practice.

Yoga Teacher Training in India, Yoga Alliance International cys-500

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Yog Temple’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Austria is registered with Yoga Alliance International.

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