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Yoga Teacher Training

Meet like minded and some of the most open hearted people at our yoga alliance international accredited yoga teacher training  in tropical Goa India and in the Alps of Austria. Become not just any yoga teacher but a yoga teacher who can lead their students with an authentic yogic knowledge and confidence; healing their bodies, minds and improving their quality of life. It is not just a yoga training - it's a life changing experience.


Shamanism course

Everyone can learn the methods of shamanism and apply it to solve health problems – for yourself and also for others. Furthermore Shamanism is a way to reach higher levels of consciousness. Shamanic work makes it possible to see behind the semblance of the visible world and to understand profound connections. At Yog Temple we combine Shamanism with Yoga and Ayurveda. Come, dive into a different world and find yourself!


Yoga Retreats

Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind you and experience yoga in its purest form with our Indian Yoga teacher. Dive into the worl of Shamanism with our Austrian Shaman. Centre yourself and enjoy the time in Nature. Our retreat in India takes place in Goa, a peaceful and yet exciting place by the Indian Ocean. Take a break and relax yourself! Enjoy vegetarian food, mindfulness, peace and silence.

Upcoming Events

Events in Goa, IndiaDatesVenuePriceStatus
21-days 200h Yogateachertraining October
8th - 27th October 2018Goa, India€1300,-
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21-days Shamanism Course October
8th - 27th October 2018Goa, India€1300,-
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21-days 200h Yogateachertraining November
1st - 21st November 2018Goa, India€1300,-
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21-days Shamanism Course November
1st - 21st November 2018Goa, India€1300,-
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21-days 200h Yogateachertraining December
28th November - 18th December 2018Goa, India€1300,-
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21-days Shamanism Course December
28th November - 18th December 2018Goa, India€1300,-
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Events in AustriaDatesVenuePriceStatus
21-day 200h Yogateachertraining - May 2019
6th-26th May 2019Austria€2500,-enroll now
21-day 200h Yogateachertraining - June 2019
3rd-23rd June 2019Austria€2500,-enroll now

Discover how you can be healthy on all levels

body, mind and soul!

 Yog Temples Yoga Teacher Training in Goa (India) and in Austria is an authentic way to develop the skills to teach yoga and to take your personal practice to a deeper level. Our yoga course meets Yoga Alliance International's requirements for 200-hour YTTC and covers asana, alignment, pranayama, shatkarma, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, chanting and sequencing. This Teacher Training program requires no specific prior experience. However, we recommend having a 6 months of regular yoga practice (2 days a week). Our teaching team focuses on preparing you to become a certified yoga teacher. To achieve the same your complete dedication is required. It is a first level of teacher training which allows you to start teaching Yoga all over the world...read more here.

Yoga in Austria

Our Goal

is to spread an authentic yogic lifestyle  

Yoga in Austria

Shamanism is the oldest healing method of humankind. For thousands of years shamanic healing methods have been used in all cultures around the world. It also gaining acceptance and relevance in our regions again. Already in 1980 shamanism was attributed with the same value as western medicine in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases by the WHO (World Health Organization)  Find out more about shamanism here.

In our shamanism courses, Yoga Retreats and Workshops, we pass on this ancient knowledge and connect it with the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. In doing so, we achieve a comprehensive and profound healing for our clients.



Experience the time in nature and restore your energy. Relax in peace and let your spirit flow.


Connect to your inner self and spend unforgetable moments with like-minded people.


Gain deep knowledge and the ability to integrate the newly learnt things in your daily life.

"yoga is a transformational journey"


200h Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India, Yoga Teacher Training in Austria
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