Imbolc- Celtic Festival of Light on February 2nd

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Names Imbolc / Bridig / Oilmelc / Festival of Candels Meaning in the annual cycle Beginning of the growing season Symbols Straw dolls, straw cross (Brigid’s cross), candle, milk Colours white, bright-yellow, bright-green, bright-pink ones Amethyst, Turquoise Keywords Awakening, Renewal, Cleaning, Making Plans   Why do we celebrate Imbolc? The sun rises earlier and sets […]

Celtic wheel of the year

Celtic Wheel of the Year

Shamanism was and is practiced worldwide. Its roots can be found in many traditions and peoples around the globe. I was born in Austria and therefore I feel connected to the traditions of Celtic shamanism. My family and I celebrate the festivals of the Celtic wheel of the year and also the Hindu holidays (My […]

How to master Sirsasana (Headstand)


‘Sirsa’ is Sanskrit and means ‘head’. In yoga, Headstand is the ‘King of asanas’ because of the multiple benefits it brings to memory and concentration. It brings you great self confidence when you learn to balance upside down, however initially it should be practiced carefully under the guidance of a competent teacher. For many years […]

What is yogic diet?

yogic food, Yogic diet, Yoga in Austria

Yogic diet originated in India, but not every Indian food is yogic! But what exactly is yogic diet? Why Yogic Diet? Yoga is still popular in the West as a fitness trend. But meanwhile, more and more people are discovering the deeper levels of yoga. In addition to meditation, breathing exercises and purification techniques, this […]

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga

What is Yoga? Yoga is the most precious gift which was passed on to us from our very first ancestors. Come let’s have a look how Yoga was introduced to us!   Yoga History Ten thousand years ago the tantric civilization which existed in India developed the art of Yoga. According to Indian mythology (the […]