What is shamanic drumming?

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Shamanic drumming is the playing of a drum to get into a trance state. Shamans and shaman practitioners can travel to the Otherworld in a light trance and ask for help and healing for themselves and others. There they meet their helping spirits like power animals or spiritual teachers. The trance state and the otherworld […]

Lammas – Celtic harvest festival on 2nd of August


Names Lammas, Lughnasadh, grain festival, harvest festival, thanksgiving Meaning in the annual cycle Harvest time Symbols sickle, bread, wheat, grain dolls, carved dolls from corncobs Colours Golden, Orange Stones amber, fire opal, tiger’s eye Keywords harvest, supplies, gratitude, wealth   Why are we celebrating Lammas? In the night of the 2nd of August (traditionally the […]

The Tridosha according to Ayurveda

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Tri (Sanskrit: three), Dosha (Sanskrit: error, spoiler). Therefore, Tridosha describes three mistakes. In Ayurveda, this refers to an imbalance of elements in the body. In the Vedanta tradition (Indian philosophy, which refers to the Vedas), the term Tridosha is also used to refer to three spoilers in the mind: Mala (selfishness), Vikshepa (restlessness), and Avarana […]

Beltane – The Celtic sommer beginn on 1st of May

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  Names Beltane, Beltaine, Walpurgis Night, High Maien, Lady Day, Cetsamhain Meaning in the annual cycle Beginn of sommer, Beginn of growth and maturation Symbols Fire, Flowers, Sun, Birch, Whitethorn, Symbols of Sexuality Colours White, Red, bright colours Stones Heliodore, Fire opal, red coral Keywords Fertility, union, sexuality, dance, courtship, wild time   Why are […]

Spirituality and health – how are they connected?

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Spirituality is something very personal, so there is no common definition. In general, spirituality describes our relationship to the transcendent, the divine, the infinite. The word spirituality is derived from the Latin word ‘spirit’, which has several meanings: breath, mind, soul, meaning … Read more about spirituality and what it actually is. The still relatively […]

What is a power animal?

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Power animals, or spirit animals, spirits or totem animals, support and accompany the shaman in his work. According to shamanic traditions, every person has one or more guardians who protect him. Often there are parallels between the person and his power animal. For example, the character and the personality are similar. A power animal can […]