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Yoga Teacher Training Sweden YTTC200 - YTTC200 in Sweden

Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden with Indian Yoga Teacher (21 days)

This residential 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden is constructed to transform the students on every level of their existence. During this course we aim at detoxifying and strengthening the body, calming the mind, raising the energies within,  and purifying the whole human system. We do so by making our students practice the very ancient Yogic techniques which were taught to the countable monks and spiritual seekers by great Indian Yoga Gurus.

Guru Shishya Parampara - Live with the teachers

At Yog Temple Sweden, the Yoga Teacher training is conducted in a Guru Shishya Parampara system. Guru means spiritual teacher, shishya means the student, and parampara refers to the Ancient Yogic Tradition. During the course, teachers and students live together under the same roof as one family. This way students get a chance to learn, practise and understand the Yogic culture in its purest form, and also a sacred bond is been formed between students and the teachers. Yoga is an ancient sacred knowledge which should be taught and learnt in an Ashrama environment. This yoga training in Sweden is intentionally designed in a Guru shishya parampara to make not just any Yoga teachers but extraordinary Yoga Teachers.

Become a Registered Yoga Teacher

Yog Temple's yoga teacher training certifies you to teach Yoga around the world. After the successful completion of the course, students will get a Yoga teacher certification from Yog Temple and also students are eligible to register themselves as a Registered Yoga Teacher with "Indian Yoga Federation" and "Yoga Alliance International Europe" (the procedure is very easy, Yog Temple staff does all the registration process for students). Start your journey of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher now!

About Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a powerful ancient yogic system which is practised worldwide to bring peace and harmony within the human body. In the Yogic culture, it is seen as the mother of every yoga form and therefore it is the foundation of all types of yoga. Hatha yoga is the practise which is strong and fun at the same time. If practised in the right way it brings the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological systems into a perfect balance. It is the sacred science that helps the practitioner to experience life beyond the physical nature and opens the door towards Spirituality. Hatha Yoga is about practising, experiencing, and feeling. At Yog Temple, we teach the classical hatha yoga techniques to make you experience the spiritual dimension of life.
All the teachings, learning, and practising takes place in an Ashrama environment at our Yoga Center in Sweden, which is the traditional and the right way of imparting Yoga knowledge.

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Course Location

Yog Temple Ashram is located in Virserum / Kalmar / South Sweden. During the 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden, you will also have time to enjoy the beautiful surrounding with lakes, forests, and much more.
Accommodation in a single room is included in the course fee.

Dates 2020

200h YTTCDatesStatus
21-day 200h YTTC- Juli 20214th-24th Juli 2021enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- August 20211st-21st August 2021enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- September 20215th-25th September 2021enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- October 20213rd-23rd October 2021enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- November 202131st October-20th November 2021enroll now
21-day 200h YTTC- December 202128th November-18th December 2021enroll now


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Yog Temple’s 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course in Sweden is registered with Yoga Alliance International and Indian Federation of Yoga. Students who will be certified from our school will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance International or Indian Federation of Yoga as CYT 200 (Certified Yoga Teacher 200).