Shamanic Course

Shamanism Course in Austria


Course Dates Price Status
14-days Shamanism Course July 2nd - 15th July 2018 €1100,- book now
21-days Shamanism Course October 8th - 28th October 2018 €1200,- book now
21-days Shamanism Course November 1st - 21st November 2018 €1200,- book now
21-days Shamanism Course December 28th November - 18th December 2018 €1200,- book now
21-days Shamanism Course January 7th - 27th January 2019 €1200,- book now
21-days Shamanism Course Feburary 4th - 24th February 2019 €1200,- book now
21-days Shamanism Course March 1st - 21st March 2019 €1200,- book now

We teach holistic shamanism®. This was a form of shamanism, which combines the core of different traditions to meet today's challenges.

Everyone can learn the methods of shamanism and apply it to solve health problems - for yourself and for others. Shamanism is also a way to gain higher consciousness. Shamanic work makes it possible to see behind the semblance of the visible world and to understand profound connections.

Shamanism Course in Austria

Our Shamanism Course in Austria is divided into five modules. These can be completed in a block mode of five weekend-modules or in our 14-days shamanism course. Either way Yoga is integrated in the course. We start every morning with a Yogasession with our indian Yogateacher. In order to provide you with well-founded training, you will learn physical functions and systems in the anatomy classes.

Shamanism 1: Spirit animals and spirit teachers

Content: Basics, the other world, grounding and centeration, cleansing your own aura, alternate states of consciousness, contact with your spirit animal and your spirit teacher.

See the world from a Shamanian perspective and get to know your power animal on a Shamanian journey. In addition, you will learn techniques for earthing and centering and learn how to clean your aura.

Requirement: openness and tolerance

Shamanism 2: Soul retrieval and extraction work

Content: illness and healing, soul retreival and extraction work, cleansing of an energy field.

Disease is not only symptoms; learn to recognize the messages of your illness and act accordingly. In shamanism illness is either too much of something (extraction - removal of unwanted energy) or too little (soul retrieval).

Requirement: Shamanism 1

Shamanism 3: Birth - Life - Dying - Death

Content: Shamanic point of view on death, the Chakras (way to transcendence), fire ceremony (letting go of the old), shamanic death meditation.

In this module, we go on a journey from one's own creation through life to dying and the life after. In order to accompany other people along this path and to reduce their grief and fear, we must take these steps ourselves.

Requirement: Shamanism 1 and 2


Shamanism 4: Middleworld spirits - Connection to the reality

Content: Contact and work with the middleworld spirits, distance healing, dealing with clients

Middleworld spirits can act as mediators between the worlds, space and time. In this module, you will learn how to work with them and also deepen your relationship with your spirit or power animals and teachers. We also explore the difference between middleworld spirits and souls that are stuck between the worlds.

Requirement: Shamanism 1, 2 and 3

Shamanism 5: Me, myself and I

Content: Shadow work, Cord Cutting and YOU.

The last module is all about you! Before you can get started and support others on their path of healing, you must be in your full power. With shadow work, we uncover unconscious or unwanted aspects of the self and learn to convert them positively. Cord Cutting is a technique to "cut" old and weakening connections to other people. In short, the whole module is all about you. We will do everything to send you into the world as a strong and self-confident person, so you can help others on their way.

Requirement: Shamanism 1, 2, 3 and 4

The modules can be completed in a blockShamanism Course in Austria mode on 5 weekends or in our 14-days shamanism course.

This course is offered in English or German.



Course Fee

The course fee of €1100,- (or 5 x € 220,-) includes the following:

⦿ Welcome ceremony

⦿ Training
⦿ Course material
⦿ Exam
⦿ Certification

500€ (or €220,- in case of weekendcourse) non-refundable booking amount needs to be paid at time of application through PayPal, Banktransfer or by Western union money transfer. Money transfering charges will be paid by the student. Rest of the fee has to be paid before the course starts. In case of cancellation from our side we grant a full refund.

Course fee is non transferable and non refundable. In case of any cancellation you can reschedule to any YTTC within 1 year of registration.

For instalments or more information please contact us. ([email protected] / 0043 670 607 4999)


Course Location

The course takes place in the beautiful village of Wagrain, in the middle of the Alps. Enjoy the breath taking nature in your free time. There are mountain lakes for swimming, a public swiming pool, hiking routes and a lot of forest just arround you.

Yogalehrerausbildung in Österreich, Schamaninsmuskurs in Österreich, Wagrain, SalzburgYogalehrerausbildung in Österreich, Schamaninsmuskurs in Österreich, Wagrain






Each student will get a personal room with attached bathroom. There is a fully equipped kitchen, where you can prepare your meals.

Cost for accommodation: €400,- for the duration of the course (including the day before the course starts).



Come with us on a journey to yourself!



We also offer Shamanic weddings. For more Information please contact us!