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Yog Temple is a center where we live spirituality and strive for the universal healing of our clients. We work at all levels and combine different health practices into a holistic overall picture.

What does Yog Temple mean?

‘Yog’ is the original expression, which has been transformed into ‘yoga’ in the West because of language difficulties.

Yog is the spiritual heritage of India, which was passed down through the ancient Vedas. It includes physical, mental and spiritual practices.

Temple is a place where spiritual practices are performed. In the meaning of Ashram, it also refers to as a place where one tries to approach its (spiritual) goal.


Live spiritual

Our Philosophy

Nipun and Leni met in India and jointly led the Indian Yog Temple in Goa and the Himalayas. After a few years, the desire to bring the secrets of yoga to Austria was born. Therefore they opened Yog Temple Austria in 2017, where yoga and alternative healing methods are practiced.

Our first focus is on yoga. Nipun, our Indian yoga teacher, will teach you in the traditional roots of this ancient way of life and show you how this can be integrated into a modern life. Yoga is truly a science of right living. First of all it starts by bringing all body functions into perfect coordination. Yoga integrates our mental and emotional levels with the physical body. Due to that we can live a harmonious life. At Yog Temple, we aim to go beyond the practice of asanas. Additonally we share the philosophy of yoga with you. That will bring a sense of fullness in your yoga journey.

Our yoga teacher training is registered with Yoga Alliance International. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate which is valid worldwide.

Live spiritual

Our second focus is on alternative healing methods. Originally the term ‘medicine’ points to the center of man, same as the stem of the word ‘meditation’. Meditation still aims for self centration. In modern medicine this approach was lost in the course of its rather short history. We still find traces of the ‘re-centering’ in the word ‘remedy’. It originates form the latin word ‘remedium’, which means ‘back-to-center’. In our healing center, we take on this approach and try to bring our clients back to the center. We can do this by using different healing methods. In summary, we can apply and combine different approaches in our retreats and individual treatments to find the best approach for each individual.

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Nipun Sharma

Founder of Yog Temple, Reiki Master, CYT 500 with YAI

Nipun Sharma - Yog Temple Austria -Live spirituality

Nipun was born in an Indian Brahmin family in New Delhi. Being an Indian he is practicing yoga since childhood. He grew up learning yoga from highly experienced and educated Indian Gurus. Furthermore he is a Yoga Alliance International CYT 500 (Certified Yoga Teacher) and a Reiki practitioner. In Yog Temple he teaches asana, breathing techniques, mantra chanting and meditation. His experience in practicing and teaching Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa helps him to provide an enriching exposure to the students. Summing up his traditional style of delivering deep yogic concepts enables him to provide holistic experience.


Anna-Lena Sharma

Leni Sharma - Yog Temple Austria -Live spirituality

Shamanism practican, Healing therpist, Certified Yogateacher

Anna-Lena was born in Austria, in the middle of the Alps. There she also spent her youth building a close relationship with nature. At the age of 18, she began practicing shamanism. Later, other methods of healing such as psychoanalytic kinesiology and reincarnation therapy were added. In India Leni was taught the teachings of  Yoga by Chidanand C. Bubanale. She also deepened her knowledge of Ayurveda under Dr. Vinesh Bandekar. With her work she wants to increase the well-being of her clients and achieve a deeper understanding of illness. Disease always keeps a message ready for us. We must learn to understand them and change our lifestyle accordingly. Then nothing stands in the way of a long, fulfilled and healthy life.

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