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Yog = Unity

Temple = Place of Sadhana (spiritual practices), a place to recharge your energy centres (Chakras)

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Yog Temple is a place where we live spirituality and strive for the universal healing of our clients and the world. We work at all levels and practice ancient Yogic techniques to enable profound healing.








Nipun Sharma

Founder of Yog Temple, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counsellor,  Yoga Teacher

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Nipun was born in an Indian Brahman family in New Delhi. Since childhood, he is practising and living Yoga.  He grew up learning this ancient knowledge from highly experienced and educated Indian Gurus. Nipun's devotion has always been towards attaining yogic knowledge and understanding the most complicated system in the entire world - the human system. Nipun is an M.A. in yogic science and naturopathy; also he is a registered and certified Yoga teacher.

His experience in practising and teaching Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa allows him to provide enriching exposure to all students. He inspires them to not just practice Yoga but to integrate it into all aspects of their lives. Students respect and appreciate him for discipline, kindness and his deep understanding of Yoga.

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Leni Sharma

Shamanic Practitioner and Coach, Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher

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Leni was born in Austria, in the middle of the Alps, where she spent her youth. Traumatic experiences early in her life opened the doors to spirituality for her. She began practising shamanism at the age of 16. The fascination to experience life to its fullest and look behind the visible world brought Leni to many different places in the world. Her journey led her to India, where she learnt the science of Yoga under Yogi Chidanand C. Bubanale and Yogi Jageet Singh. She also deepened her knowledge of Ayurveda under Dr. Vinesh Bandekar.

Today Leni inspires her students to go deeper and discover their truth and inner Self. She helps them on their way towards spiritual realisation and health. Students appreciate her for her open heart, her liveliness and her compassion. More about Leni you can find on her website: lenisharma.com

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We teach Classical Hatha Yoga

Nipun, our Indian yoga teacher, teaches the traditional roots of this ancient way of life and shows you how this can be integrated into a modern lifestyle. Nipun’s sequencing is safe and made available for all levels of yoga practitioners, whether it is your first day of practising yoga or the first day of your tenth year. Everyone will have fun, stretching, bending and twisting on their mats.

At Yog Temple, we aim to go beyond the practice of asanas and dive deep into the spiritual aspects of Yoga. This will bring a sense of fullness into your yoga journey. We also share the knowledge of Ayurveda, chakra awakening and our very own experience of yoga and recovery. Like this, we connect to our students on a deeper level. Yoga is truly a science of right living. It starts by bringing all body functions into perfect coordination. Yoga integrates our mental and emotional levels with the physical body and helps us to live a harmonious life.