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This Online Yoga Teacher Training is different!

Yoga is a lifestyle.
Learn to live like a Yogi right from the comfort of your home.

90% live classes

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This Online Yoga Teacher Training will craft you into an
authentic and confident Yoga Teacher

Learn how a true Yogi lives in a traditional Ashram
Raise your consciousness and  grow spiritually
Learn, practise and teach Authentic Hatha Yoga
Experience the powerful & magical benefits of Yoga
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Don't just learn to practise and teach Yoga, but to LIVE YOGA.

Yog Temple's 200-hour ONLINE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE is designed to teach you how a Yogi lives in a Traditional Ashram in India - you will learn the complete yogic lifestyle along with yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda, classical Yoga philosophy, Chakras, human anatomy and much more. And all that from the comfort of your own home.

What you will learn

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Asanas & Sequencing
Pranayama, Chakras & Bandhas
Ayurveda & Yogic Diet
Yogic Philosophy & Scripture
Anatomy & Physiology
Concentration & Meditation

Are there any heart-burning questions that bother you or keep you up at night?

You will have the chance to ask any number of questions on topics like Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Spirituality or any other question that has not been answered until now.

Moreover, lifetime support is included in the course fee, which will keep you connected with your main Yoga teacher, Nipun, an Indian Yogi.

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At some point in our lives, we all need some guidance and support.

Lifetime support is offered to you because Yoga is a lifetime spiritual practice and study. On this long spiritual journey, a practitioner needs a helping hand or a teacher who has completed the journey and returned to share his experiences, knowledge and wisdom with other spiritual seekers.

We will help you with every twist and turn of your yogic journey. Ensuring you get proper support to move in the right direction towards personal and spiritual growth.

Camille (France)

It was an amazing experience. I feel that I have been given the main keys to becoming a professional Yoga Teacher.

Patrik (Sweden)

 After this time, I left with far more knowledge about myself, the human system and Yoga than I ever expected.

Nadia (Switzerland)

Living here in the Ashram was almost like being in India. I am very exited to implement everything that I learnt in my daily life.

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Yog Temple's 200-hour Online YTTC offers

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1 - Online Yoga Teacher Training

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Learn directly from an Indian Yogi and create Health on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

6 - Online Yoga Teacher Training

Lifestyle of a Yogi

Learn in detail how a Yogi or Yogini lives and how you can embody Yoga in today's modern world.

2 - Online Yoga Teacher Training

Life-long support

We don't leave you hanging. You can always reach out to us for guidance and help - for your lifetime.

4 - Online Yoga Teacher Training

Cleansing, purification and healing

Purge your physical Body and steady your Mind. Balance your Chakras and Energies to regain Health and Strength.

3 - Online Yoga Teacher Training


After Completion you receive the HYTTC200 Certificate from Yog Temple, and can register yourself with YAI and IFY.

5 - Online Yoga Teacher Training

Science-based knowledge

We teach classical Hatha Yoga from India, which is based on the millennia-old yogic science of the Vedas.

Included in the program

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200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification

Lifetime support

Welcome and Certification Ceremony

Yog Temple's exclusive teacher's manual, Sequence Sheets, Mantra Sheets, Anatomy and Ayurveda Manual

Course fee

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Early Bird Price: 1597€ (book 1 month to avail of the discount)

Student and other Scholarships are available - please write to us for further information (info@yogtemple.com)


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We are soon embarking on this one-of-a-kind spiritual journey to
transform body, mind and soul.
Are you joining us?

Meet your teachers

Nipun Sharma

 Yogi / Energy Healer / Spiritual Counsellor

Born and raised in India, practices Yoga since his childhood, studied Naturopathy and Yoga Science, loves to immerse in nature.

His mission is to spread the message and teachings of traditional Yoga
from door to door, and shore to shore.

More about Nipun

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Leni Sharma

Yoga Teacher / Shamanic Practitioner / Energy healer

Teaches Yoga since 2015, trained under experienced Yogis and Shamans, Vegan Chef, loves to embark on outdoor adventures.

Her vocation is to help others find their true self to grow on all levels
- body, mind, soul and spirit.

More about Leni

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