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Shamanism course in Sweden

Do you want to dive into the magical world of Shamanism? Learn how to heal yourself and others. Discover the ancient methods and rituals, which were used by humans since the beginning of time.

More about Shamanism you can read here.

About the shamanism course in Sweden

Everyone can learn and use the techniques of Shamanism. We combine Shamanism with Yoga and Ayurveda.

More about the course you can read directly on Leni's website:

Shamanism course in Sweden



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Course Dates

Shamanism CourseDatesStatus
Shamanism Course September 202028th September - 3rd October 2020enroll now
Shamanism Course October 202026th-31st October 2020enroll now
Shamanism Course November 202022nd-28th November 2020enroll now
Shamanism Course December 202013th-19th December 2020enroll now
Shamanism Course January 20212nd-8th January 2021enroll now
2 week Shamanism Course March 202114th-27th March 2021enroll now
Shamanism Course April 20214th-10th April 2021enroll now
Shamanism Course May 202123th-29th May 2021enroll now
2 week Shamanism Course June 202113th-26th June 2021enroll now
If you can not come to our course, you can also join our 8 weeks online shamanism course (Inclusive 10 Skype calls with Leni)

"I felt very comfortable with Leni. She responded to my questions and problems individually and with understanding and empathy. We worked on my fears and worries together. I was able to get rid of a lot of thoughts. I could discuss issues with her, which troubled be for quite some time now. The numerous practical exercises were great and always felt just right for the moment. I would have wished for something like this a year ago. "

- Karin, Participant

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