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Yog Temple is a Yoga School located in Goa and the Himalayas in India. At our peaceful ashram we conduct 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings in India. Furthermore Yog Temple is internationally recognized and registered with Yoga Alliance International. Our highly qualified and experienced yoga teachers will show you how traditional yoga can fit into today’s contemporary lifestyle. Therefore Yog Temple’s 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course has helped students from around the world build their careers as professional yoga teachers. Thus, we are specialised in the most traditional form of Yoga, known as Hatha Yoga.


Yog, popularly known as Yoga, is the great spiritual heritage of India, which is passed on from the ancient Vedas.

Moreover Yoga means union of the individual soul with the Universal Consciousness.


First of all our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course content covers every aspect of Hatha Yoga. Therefore it will take your practice to the most advanced level. Furthermore our teachers focus on a meaningful connection with their students. As well as all teachings are deeply traditional, but we show as well how  you can integrate it to your modern life.


In addition, our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course will help you:

Create a strong base in traditional Hatha Yoga

Learn basic, intermediate and advanced yoga skills

Practice a yogic lifestyle in the modern world

Boost your confidence to help others with their yoga practice




In order to know more about our ashrams in Goa and the Himalayas click here.


We welcome your WHOLE self!


Especially relevant is, that we welcome all no matter which race, colour, sex, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age, education, political perspective or socioeconomic status.

For that reason we provide an internationally welcoming and safe environment, where all feel valued and cared for.


We look forward to see you on the mat!




Yoga Teacher Trainings in India

Schedule Yoga Teacher Training India
October 4th -27th of October 2016 Goa €1180 / €1300 book now
November 1st -24th of November 2016 Goa €1180 / €1300 book now
December 29th of Nov. - 22nd of Dec. 2016 Goa €1180 / €1300 book now
January 2nd - 25th of January 2017 Goa €1180 / €1300 book now
February 1st - 24th of February 2017 Goa €1180 / €1300 book now
March 1st - 24th of March 2017 Goa €1180 / €1300 book now
April 15th of April - 8th of May 2017 Himalaya €1180 / €1300 book now
May 12th of May - 4th of June 2017 Himalaya €1180 / €1300 book now
June 9th of June - 2nd of July 2017 Himalaya €1180 / €1300 book now
July 7th - 30th of July 2017 Himalaya €1180 / €1300 book now

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