Classical Hatha Yoga


Learn Yoga in its purest form directly from an Indian Yogi.

Become an authentic Yoga Teacher and share this ancient knowledge with the world.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden

yogtemple hathayoga brown - Curriculum

This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden will transform you on every level of your existence. Detoxify and strengthen your body, calm your mind, raise the energies within,  and purify your whole system. Learn and practice ancient Yogic techniques, taught to countable monks and spiritual seekers by great Yoga Gurus.

♦ 2 different types of Sun salutation and warm-up exercises

♦ Over 50 various Hatha yoga asanas

♦ Going in and out of the postures

♦ Feedback: given daily by teachers immediately after the asana class, based on their observations.

♦ Guided asana practice on the following group of asanas: Standing asanas, forward bending, back bending, arm balancing, leg balancing, spinal twists, inversions (headstand, scorpion...)

♦ Special modifications - for beginners and students with injuries

♦ Modification and advanced variations for all the postures

♦ Posture correction & alignment: The teacher will observe your practice and alignment during morning asana classes. Hence you will receive feedback based on these observations immediately after the class. This will help you practice with correct techniques and alignment from the first day itself.

♦ Classical Hatha yoga (tuning the asanas into a rhythmical breathing pattern).

♦ Every student will be asked to give full yoga classes during the course (under the teacher's control).

♦ Practical exam of asanas - to build confidence

♦ Special yoga therapy classes for - depression, low or high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia à selection

♦ Different aspects of pranayama

♦ Pranic body

♦ Breath, health, and pranayama

♦ Breathing and lifespan

♦ 5 different types of breathing

♦ 6 different types of pranayama

♦ Meaning of Yoga

♦ History of Yoga

♦ Yoga and happiness

♦ The relevance of yoga today

♦ 8 limbs of yoga

♦ Introduction and definition of Chakras and the Kundalini Shakti (dormant energy)

♦ Practising teaching under teacher’s guidance

♦ Receiving, hearing and giving feedback

♦ Assisting students while someone else is teaching

♦ You begin to teach from the second week of the course

♦ Learn to give hands-on adjustments

♦ Terminology

♦ Systems of the human body – basic understanding

♦ Limitations of the human body

♦ Prevention of injuries while practising

♦ Yoga and health (benefits and contraindications of asanas)

♦ Yogic Anatomy: 5 Koshas, Energy channels, Chakra theory

♦ How to recover from an injury with the help of yoga therapy

♦ Special yoga therapy classes for - depression, low or high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia à selection

♦ Why to practice Tratak

♦ 4 different types of Tratak practice


♦ Meditation and positive thinking

♦ Theory and practice of several meditation techniques including:
Chakra meditation
Awareness Meditation
Walking Meditation
Loving Kindness Meditation
Mantra Meditation

♦ Types of mantras

♦ Every morning chanting before asana class

♦ Types of diets

♦ Traditional yogic diet

♦ Modern Yogic diet

♦ Basic knowledge of Ayurveda

♦ Understanding Health and Healing

♦ Analysing the Tridoshas

♦ Special diet for each Dosha

♦ Healthy lifestyle for each Dosha


♦ Theory of the Shatkarmas (ways of cleansing the body).

♦ Practice of one type: Jal Neti (Nasal cleaning with water)


♦ Introduction and definition of Mudra

♦ Three different types of Mudras:
Jnana Mudra
Chin Mudra
Vishnu Mudra


♦ Three different types of Bandhas (theory and practical)
Jalandhar Bandha
Moola Bandha
Uddiyana Bandha

♦ Advice on opening your own school or studio

♦ Advertising & business strategies

♦ Teaching career

♦ Networking with different Yoga schools, teachers and studios

What is Hatha Yoga

It is a powerful ancient yogic system that brings peace and harmony to the human body. Hatha Yoga is the mother and the foundation of all forms of yoga. If practised correctly, it brings the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological systems into a perfect balance. This sacred science helps you experience life beyond the physical nature and opens the door towards Spirituality. Learn classical hatha yoga techniques and experience the spiritual dimension of life.


Student's voice ★★★★★

Camille (France)

It was an amazing experience. I feel that I have been given the main keys to becoming a professional Yoga Teacher.

Student's voice ★★★★★

Eva (Austria)

This course really changed my life. It is a very good experience and I would recommend it to anybody.

Student's voice ★★★★★

Nadia (Switzerland)

Living here in the Ashram was almost like being in India. I am very exited to implement everything that I learnt in my daily life.

Meet your teachers

nipunsharma - Curriculum

Nipun Sharma

 Yogi / Energy Healer / Spiritual Counsellor

Born and raised in India, practices Yoga since his childhood, studied Naturopathy and Yoga Science, loves to immerse in nature.

His mission is to spread the message and teachings of traditional Yoga
from door to door, and shore to shore.

More about Nipun

lenisharma - Curriculum

Leni Sharma

Yoga Teacher / Shamanic Practitioner / Energy healer

Teaches Yoga since 2015, trained under experienced Yogis and Shamans, Vegan Chef, loves to embark on outdoor adventures.

Her vocation is to help others find their true self to grow on all levels
- body, mind, soul and spirit.

More about Leni

Live with the teachers

"Guru Shishya Parampara"

We conduct the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in a Guru Shishya Parampara system. (Guru = spiritual teacher, shishya = student, parampara = Ancient Yogic Tradition). During the course, teachers and students live together under the same roof as one family.
This way, students get a chance to learn, practise and understand the Yogic culture in its purest form. A sacred bond is formed between students and teachers. Yoga is an ancient sacred knowledge that should be taught and learnt in an Ashrama environment. This Yoga Teacher Training in Sweden is intentionally designed in a Guru shishya parampara to make not just any Yoga teachers but extraordinary Yoga Teachers.

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