Asana of the Month: Brahmacharyasana


Brahmacharyasana – Celibate’s pose Sanskrit: Brahmacharya – control over the senses, asana – pose Brahmacharyasana plays an important therapeutic role in yoga, as this pose enhances masculinity and gives the practitioner sexual control. Furthermore, it transforms sexual energies into finer energies that are necessary on the path to enlightenment. Level: Advanced Duration: 20 seconds – […]

Asana of the Month: Kandharasana


Kandharasana – Shoulder Pose Sanskrit: Kandha – Shoulder, Asana – Pose Unsurprisingly the shoulder plays an important role in the shoulder pose. Almost the entire body weight lies on the shoulders. The chest and heart region is completely opened. In addition, the neck, hips, and thighs are stretched deeply. Level: Beginner Duration: 30-60 seconds Repetition: […]

Asana of the Month: Balasana


Balasana – child pose Sanskrit: Bala – child, asana – pose This asana mimics the position of the fetus in the womb. Balasana is a relaxing pose. In addition, it is practiced as a counter-pose to many other asanas within a sequence. Level: Beginner Duration: 1-3 minutes Repetition: none Stretches: hip, thighs, ankles Strengthens: back, […]