Pancha Mahabhuthas – The five elements and how to purify them

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Sanskrit: pancha = five, maha = great, buthas = elements According to Vedic knowledge (ancient culture from India), everything in the cosmos is made up of five great elements. Jala (Water) Prthvi (Earth) Agni (Fire) Vayu (Air) Akash (Ether) The five elements and the senses We can experience the elements with our senses. The element Earth, which is made of […]

Nadi Shodhana – Anuloma Viloma – Alternate nostril breathing (+Video)

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Sanskrit: Nadi = Energychannel, Shodhana = Purification Nadi Shodhana, also known as Nadi Shuddhi or Alternate Nostril Breathing, is a very powerful breathing technique. The primarily aim of Nadi Shodhana is the purification of subtle energy channels, while balancing its masculine and feminine aspects. Preparation: This yogic breathing technique should be done on an empty […]

The Tridosha according to Ayurveda

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Tri (Sanskrit: three), Dosha (Sanskrit: error, spoiler). Therefore, Tridosha describes three mistakes. In Ayurveda, this refers to an imbalance of elements in the body. In the Vedanta tradition (Indian philosophy, which refers to the Vedas), the term Tridosha is also used to refer to three spoilers in the mind: Mala (selfishness), Vikshepa (restlessness), and Avarana […]