Asana of the Month: Vajrasana

Vajrasana – Thunderbolt pose Sanskrit: Vajra – Thunderbolt, Diamond, Indra’s Weapon; Asana – pose Vajrasana is used above all for higher spiritual practices like concentration and meditation. Furthermore, it provides a quick remedy for digestive problems such as bloating, constipation and heartburn. Learn more about the right diet, when you practice yoga. Level: Beginner / …

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Asana of the Month: Brahmacharyasana

Brahmacharyasana – Celibate’s pose Sanskrit: Brahmacharya – control over the senses, asana – pose Brahmacharyasana plays an important therapeutic role in yoga, as this pose enhances masculinity and gives the practitioner sexual control. Furthermore, it transforms sexual energies into finer energies that are necessary on the path to enlightenment. Level: Advanced Duration: 20 seconds – …

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