Health benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel

My Grandmother is 90+ and still drinks water from a copper Lota (vessel). It is the best way to consume water. In India, people who still have awareness of Ayurveda are drinking water from the copper vessel. Drinking from a copper Lota was a common habit all over India, till the end of the las millenium. Over a period of time, Ayurvedic knowledge has faded and people have fallen into false eating and drinking habits. Lately, many scientists have done their researches on copper. They have rediscovered that there are breathtaking benefits of using the copper vessel to store and drinking water.


Yoga and Ayurveda for a healthy lifestyle

An enormous amount of money and time has been spent into knowing the positive effects of copper on a person’s health. In the past, many yogis and ayurvedic practitioners mentioned the benefits of copper. They gave this knowledge for free so humans didn’t pay much attention to it or didn’t take it seriously. It came into my attention that some of the environmental protection agencies are considering copper as the only solid material that kills bacteria and protect humans from several health risks. The Indian Ayurvedic tradition of drinking water in a copper vessel and these scientific facts are bringing many people back to the roots and encouraging them to reestablish this ancient daily routine.


Awareness to gain maximum benefits

Only knowing about the benefits of drinking water from the copper lota or vessel is not enough. Everyone who is considering to use or already using copper vessel must know the proper method of consuming water from a copper Lota to gain maximum benefits.


Proper shape, design and material of the copper vessel

Before you buy a copper lota for yourself, keep in mind these three things – Material, shape and design of a copper vessel plays a big role in its health benefits. Water has to rest for about 6 to 8 hours in the copper vessel before drinking. This way you allow copper ions to dissolve in the water in small quantity (known as oligodynamic effect). These copper ions make the water potent to kill bacteria, fungi, mould, microorganisms, algae etc.. Copper also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and it also helps in destroying toxins.


Balance your doshas by drinking water from a copper vessel

Ayurveda says, drinking copper enriched water on an empty stomach in the morning helps balance all three doshas (pitta, vatta and kapha). Balanced doshas help in the proper functioning of different organs and different metabolic processes.


More benefits

Additionally here are some more reasons why drinking water from a copper vessel is beneficial for you:

  1. Digestion becomes better or whole digestive system works better
    Properties of copper kill harmful bacteria in the stomach, helps in indigestion, infections of the stomach and is a panacea for ulcers.
  2. Works as anti-ageing.
  3. It helps to heel wounds much faster.
  4. Good for people suffering from Arthritis.
  5. All over skin health is improved.
  6. Reduces the risk of cancer.


Basic things to know about drinking from a copper vessel

  1. Always buy a well-reputed brand which has a rapport in the Ayurvedic community.
  2. You don’t have to drink water from a copper vessel the whole day. One or two glasses in the morning and a glass or two in the evening is sufficient. Rest of the time I would recommend drinking water from a glass bottle.
  3. Let the water rest in the lota overnight, this way water will be ionized during the night.


Please Note

  • After every two months take a 15-day break from using the copper vessel.
  • Every two years change your copper vessel.
  • In life do everything in moderation. excess of anything is bad. In India, we have a saying – Even if you over-consume holy water you will puke or your stomach will burst.


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