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Nadia’s Experience at Yog Temple

The first time I practised Asanas I already fell in love with it. I knew that I want to know everything about it. That’s why I started taking Yoga classes and practising Asanas at home with YouTube videos. But that was not enough for me. I wanted to know the root of Yoga, the history and philosophy behind it. So, I decided to do a 200h yoga teacher training in Goa, India. I planned everything, and I was ready to go when the Covid pandemic hit us. First, I thought that I would postpone my trip, no big deal. But after delaying it for the second time, I started looking into intensive training (with an Indian teacher) in Europe.
After searching for a while, I found Yog Temple in Sweden. It sounded like the place I was looking for. I was convinced to get a similar experience than I would have had in Goa (of course not weather-wise 😉 ). I packed my things and against all the protests, prejudices and fears of my loved ones, I headed off to Sweden (on very short notice!). Arriving in Stockholm, I was very excited about the unknown country (I love travelling by the way) and the yoga training ahead.
After a 4-hour train ride, I reached the village Hultsfred, where Nipun welcomed me at the train station and together we drove to the Ashram, which is located in Virserum in a small town with a beautiful lake and a lot of forests. Arriving at the Ashram, I got to know Nipun’s wife Leni, their daughter Sia Veda and Yogi (their cute dog). The Ashram is beautifully decorated and filled with love. I felt very comfortable from the beginning. Shortly before my arrival, I found out that I was the only student since all the others had to cancel their trip due to Covid. After being a little overwhelmed, not to say scared, I realise that this might be an excellent opportunity to learn even more. I felt very honoured and blessed that Leni and Nipun were conducting the course just for me. A 200h yoga teacher training with private teachers. Can you imagine? I’m sure you can not find that easily even if you look for it.


The training started with a beautiful, welcoming ceremony, where I got my first Tika and precious Rudraksha Mala. After a cosy dinner with the little yogic family, I went to my room and prepared myself for the first training day. Every morning I was up at around 6 am and started the day with a shower. The training with Nipun began early in the morning, and we were busy until late afternoon with different physical, mental, energetical and spiritual training. I learned that Hatha Yoga is not just doing Asanas; it is a lifestyle with many ethical obligations and practices. In the afternoons, Leni taught me a lot about anatomy, Ayurveda, yogic diet and meditation. The days were very intensive, packed with exercises and information and many fun and profound stories told by Nipun. It was very intense, and I was eager to learn everything. The days went by very fast.
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Furthermore, I was very fortunate. I did not only have the chance to learn from Leni & Nipun during the lessons. They also spent time with me in the evenings or on the weekends. I got the opportunity to ask them everything and discuss and learn from them in many different ways. Both were very inspiring, motivating and joyful. And then there was Sia Veda, my little sunshine. The cutest little girl I have ever met. I loved playing with her and being a small part of her life.

During the yoga Teacher training mostly, I used my time to think a lot about the universe, earth, nature, animals, human beings, and me. With the things I learnt and discussed with Leni & Nipun, I started to question many things, and I’m still processing a lot. However, this was the start of a new life, a better life with more consciousness and full devotion to whatever I’m doing and will do in my life. And very important, I learnt that everything has a meaning and is meant to happen, which gives me kind of calming feeling.

Now I look forward to implementing everything I have learnt into my daily life and starting to realise all the ideas and plans that are growing in me. So happy that I had this opportunity to live with Leni, Nipun, Sia Veda and Yogi in their Ashram in Sweden and I’m sure our paths will cross again. Thank you very much for everything!
Nadia from Switzerland