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How to do a Chakra cleansing on yourself

Chakras are energy vortexes that connect our body with our aura. Through stressful and negative emotions and experiences, energies can be stuck in our Chakras, which we really do not want there. Such “impurities” weaken our energy. Fatigue, aggression and a lack of emotion can be the result. Therefore, it is advisable to do a Chakra cleansing regularly.


Opening Chakras

Chakra Cleansing  is not the same as opening Chakras. Check out our blog post about Chakras to learn about the system of Chakras and the path of enlightenment by opening the Chakras.


Learn how to cleanse your Chakras yourself

Here are two ways to easily cleanse your Chakras yourself.
We advise you to refrain from so-called miracle healers who offer Chakra cleanings. You feel your body best and you should trust in your own power.


Chakra cleansing with earth energy


  • Sit in a quiet place where you feel comfortable. It’s best to sit on the floor or to lie down on the floor.
  • Relax, close your eyes and watch your breath for a few moments.
  • Feel your whole body and look for tension.
  • Feel the earth under you. Connect yourself with the heavy, earthy and stable energy of our Mother Earth. You feel safe and protected.
    Now you let the tensions you found flow out of your body down into the earth.  Mother Earth absorbs them for you and transforms them into new energy.
  • Feel every cell of your body and let all heaviness flow into the earth.
  • As all the heaviness drains away from you, imagine that fresh energy flows from the universe into you. For that imagine pure light coming from the sky and entering your body from top and filling you up with this light. This fresh energy fills in all the gaps. It fills you with love and joy.
  • Let the old energy flow down and new energy into you from above. Keep doing that until you feel light and clear.


Chakra cleansing

  • Now pay attention to your first Chakra: The Mooladhara Chakra or Root Chakra. It is found in men in the perineum and in women in the cervix.
  • Release all tension in this Chakra by imagining that long roots of this Chakra grow into the earth. Connect with the earth energy and feel the power and the hold on to this connection.
  • Keep this connection and breathe deeply and calmly. Imagine that pure light flows through the roots into your Chakra.
  • Exhale and let the tension and heaviness go.
  • With each breath more light comes in and your Chakra starts to glow.
  • Breathe in, light comes into your body. Exhale, heavy energy drains off.
  • Keep breathing for a while, until you feel light and filled with fresh energy.
  • In your own time you can now do this exercise with all 7 main Chakras:

1. Mooladhara Chakra: Perineum / Cervix
2. Swadhishthana Chakra: Coccyx
3. Manipura Chakra: On the spine at the level of the navel
4. Anahata Chakra: At the spine at the level of the sternum
5. Vishuddhi Chakra: In the neck
6. Ajna Chakra: In the midbrain, you can feel it between the eyebrows
7. Sahasrara Chakra: At the top of your head and slightly outside of your body

  • After cleansing and refilling all the Chakras, feel again into your body and see if all tension is gone. Do you feel any heaviness on your hands or soles? If that’s the case, you can do exactly the same rooting exercise, bringing light and lightness to those regions as well.
    (Hands and soles are minor Chakras and often burdened with alien energies.)
    Do you feel light and woolly all around?
  • Finish the exercise at your own pace and come back strong and confident in the everyday world.

I would recommend you doing this exercise with all 7 main Chakras. But you can also do it for individual Chakras only


Chakras cleansing with water energy


Go to a quiet place that you like. Stand in the bioenergetic stand (stand straight, feet about 20-30cm apart, knees slightly bent). Close your eyes, watch your breathing and feel the stability of the earth. When you feel ready, you start the exercise.

Chakra cleansing

  • Imagine that you stand under a waterfall. Fresh clear water falls on you and takes away all your dirt.
  • Now concentrate on the first Chakra (Root Chakra). Do you feel foreign energies?
  • To clean the Chakra, open the door to it with a circular hand motion in front of the Chakra (you really make the movement, not just in your imagination!). Whether you can open clockwise or counterclockwise, you will sense for yourself. Do this circular hand movement until you feel that the door to the Chakra is open.
  • Now you feel the alien energies and start to pull them out. Shake them from your hands and make sure that you don’t throw the alien energy back on yourself. Give it to the water. The water energy is a strong transformation energy and will take on the alien energies and convert them. The water flushes all unwanted energies from you.
  • If you feel that the Chakra is pure, imagine that the water brings fresh energy into it. Then you close it again with the circular hand movement – this time in the other direction. It is very important that you close the door well, otherwise new foreign energies can easily penetrate.
  • If you are not sure that the Chakra is completely clean, carry on with the removal of the alien energies until you have a light feeling.(If, after a long period of cleansing, you still feel that there is something left, it may be something that needs more separation from you. That could be soul cords from other people. In this case a so called cord cutting can help you. For this, you should find an experienced shamanic practitioner, who you trust. But in any case don’t just stop the Chakra cleansing in the middle of the process. Let the energies you cannot pull out where they are and continue to fill the Chakra up with fresh water energy. Then you close it good and proceed to the next Chakra.)


  • In the same way you cleanse all 7 main Chakras and hands and soles.
  • When you are done, imagine that the pouring water brings fresh energy and fills you up. In your own time you come back into the everyday world with your whole being.


Tip: This Chakra cleansing is especially powerful when you do it under the shower. For me, this exercise is part of my daily life, just like brushing my teeth. At least once a week, I include this exercise into my evening shower.

Aura cleansing should have the same importance as body cleansing!


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