New Month Resolution – July

It has never been so easy to get information as it is today. Within seconds, I can read about every conceivable topic on the Internet and deepen my knowledge. The challenge of that is the filtering.
What do I WANT to read if I CAN read everything? This selection does not happen randomly. It is influenced by my experiences, my preferences, my culture, my parents and also by my level of consciousness. Today I can read about chakras and understand that there are different colors of chakras. In a year, though, I may learn to understand and apply the deeper levels of the chakra system. A wise man once said:

A truth can only work if the recipient is ready for it.

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Each piece of information can therefore be understood in different ways. What I do not understand today, I might understand tomorrow. What I understand in one way, the next understands in a very different way. Goethe puts it this way: ‘Everybody only hears what he understands.’ Depending on which level of consciousness I am on, I perceive information in different intensity and color.

What can I learn from this

On the one hand, we can learn that other people walk on different levels of consciousness and perceive the world accordingly. No matter how much we try to make them understand, they will just not get the point. There is the right time for everyone to understand the right message. We can help others with this, but we can not put our understanding of the message into their head.

On the other hand, this issue concerns ourselves. I will always see myself at the highest level of consciousness there is. That’s because I know nothing else, nothing bigger. But there is more! So become aware that you have not reached your limits yet. You conciousness will rise higher and higher. Everything happes at the right time. Putting pressure on ourselves to grow as fast as possible will bring us anywhere. As already said, everything happens at the right time. We understand the messages that are important to us just in the right moment.

Do not stress yourself and others and just enjoy life. Everything happes at the right time!

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