New Month Resolution – June

Everything is allowed to be the way it is

Every day we are bombarded with external influences. The outside world seems to tell us how we should be. But who defines the standards? What is slim, what is lazy, what is successful? Shouldn’t we decide how we want to be.

Just let it be

Leave the SHOULD behind you and concentrate on what seems important to you. All of our thinking is shaped by how things should be. So my husband does not make the bed right. My children are not as talented as the neighbor children. My dog just does not understand what I want from him. With this thinking structure of ‘being-never-enough’, we take on a great burden and enormous stress and give also give it to the people arround us. Either we can not live up to our own standards and feel worthless, or we will do them justice and then want to increase them again. Because if I get this done, then I can do it even better.

We can only stop this vicious circle of unattainable goals ourselves. So let’s do it! Is it really that bad that the blanket is not folded properly? Is it an end of the world that my son will never play the violin? Do I really have to lose 5kg if I already feel good in my body? I do not think so. And you?

Everything is allowed to be the way it is. Of course, that does not mean that I lie to bed all day long and let fate decide for me. I have control over my life and I and strive forward. However, without jumping through walls. Just like we should not bend others, we should also not let others bend us.

‘Everything is allowed to be the way it is’ starts small and grows big. A sense of basic trust arises from it. The universe will provide. I have a clear vision of my wishes, but I do not have to go to war to realize them.

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