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New Month Resolution – April

Today I share this very personal wisdom from my own life. A few years ago I went through a very difficult time. I did not know what to do with my life. Nothing made sense. It seemed as if the world only wanted to hurt me and I could not find a way out. Clinically, I was classified as depressed. The prescribed medication helped me to sleep again, but my existential fears were not taken away from me. The problem was not tackled at the roots, the doctors only gave my problem a cut with the hedge trimmer. One night when I felt miserable again and wallowed in my self-pity, a thought came to my mind:

Everything is changing constantly and that is good.ron smith 372792 unsplash 200x300 - New Month Resolution - April

I do not know where this sentence suddenly came from, but it gave me hope, hope for change. I suddenly knew that my situation would change. And so it was. Within a few weeks, I was able to leave my self-pity behind me. I could get up and harvest the fruits of my hope. I became more active again and got into my hobbies again, like drawing and playing the guitar. After a few months I discovered shamanism for myself and a little later, I started reading my first yoga philosophy book. One step led to the next and today I live a meaningful, happy life. Of course with downsides, BUT: Everything is changing constantly, and that is good.


With this essay, I want to give you hope. I know what it’s like to be shattered on the ground. But I also know that there is a way out. Everything will change and spin until you find your fulfillment, and then it will continue changing with you. Just as you are not the same person you were a year ago, you will continue to grow and develop. And that’s good. You have to take the first step out of this swamp. There may be other people around you supporting you, but only you can pick yourself up and run. Use your life for beautiful things and not for the oppressive.
I know that you have the strength. How do I know that? – I thought too, I can not handle it anymore and I just want to get out of here, but from somewhere the power come to me  and flourished me. You can do that too!

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