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Getting up early – this is how you finally make it out of bed in the morning

Why should I get up early?

The bed is nice warm, and it is much easier to turn around and sleep again. Your obligations do not call yet and everything is nicely quiet. So why get up? Quite simply – to give yourself time for yourself. Use the peace in the morning and discover the satisfaction of having already done things when the rest of the world is still sleeping. In the morning, the sunlight has a large amount of blue light, which inhibits melatonin production. Therefore, if you wake up late, you will miss this natural freshness kick.


10 tips to get up early


  1. A good morning starts the night before

The mentioned blue light, which makes us awake in the morning, also has its negative sides. Screens and some light bulbs give off a large amount of blue light. This keeps us awake and disturbs our sleep. Therefore, we should keep the time in front of the screen in the evening to a minimum. If you have problems falling asleep, you should create your own evening ritual. Gentle yoga exercises and meditation prepares the body for sleep. Electronic devices in the bedroom also worsen our sleep quality. Thus, banish the TV, your cell phone and the quartz alarm clock (also gives off radiation) from your bedroom. It’s best to use a battery-powered alarm clock.


  1. Windows or curtains open

Waking up with natural sunlight is just wonderful. In the winter months, a light alarm clock can simulate an early sunrise. Alternatively, you can just leave the window open and be awakened by the morning noise.


  1. Do not snooze

If you’re using an alarm to wake up, place it out of reach. To turn it off you must stretch a bit. This trick also makes it harder to press “Snooze”. Anyone who is a faithful follower of the “Snooze” button in the morning doesn’t do anything good for his body. Turning over each time and sleeping on, we fall back into the deep sleep phase and are torn away again with the next alarm. This confuses body and brain, and we feel lethargic all day.


  1. Wake up in bed

Put your feet up so that your soles touch the mattress. This activates the Marma points and helps the prana (life energy) flow. Stretch while you are still lying down. Gently hold your left nostril for 30 seconds. As you breathe through the right nostril, you activate the flow of energy in the Pingla Nadi (energy channel). This increases the male, active solar energy in your body. Rub your hands together to create extra energy and swing yourself out of bed.


  1. Drink a glass of water

Ayurveda recommends drinking a glass of warm water in the morning. It wakens up the body and the mind. It’s best if you boil the water for 20 minutes. Boiled water helps the digestive system, by removing slag from intestines. Further it a kick to our immune system.

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  1. Get the circulation going

Of course, it is not only important that you get out of bed, but that you also feel fresh and cheerful. A small yoga session, for example six rounds of Suryanamaskara (sun salutation) or a small walk with or without dog.


  1. Have a healthy breakfast

The key to a successful morning is a well-balanced breakfast. Milk with cornflakes may be tasty, but unfortunately this breakfast will not give you much of energy. To start the day energized, eat a muesli with fresh fruit, porridge or my favorite breakfast in India: Poha. This is flattened rice with turmeric, chickpeas, peanuts, peas, raisins and pomegranates. There are many variations of this warm breakfast – you may find your new favorite.


  1. Morning ritual

For me, a born late riser, it was very difficult to change my habit and get up early. I tried all sorts of tips and tricks until I finally realized that I needed my own morning ritual. Just try what is good for you in the morning and what is not. My morning ritual begins with washing my face and brushing my teeth, a glass of water and then I am off to the yoga mat. After I have a nice breakfast together with my husband. Create your own morning ritual and start the day fresh and happy.


  1. Cheat day

Especially at the beginning of getting into this new habit it is good to treat yourself to a day a week, where you can sleep in. Thus, you concentrate the entire stand-up laziness on one day. That also makes it easier to get out of bed on the other days.


  1. Just do it!

My simplest and most important tip: Do it! What does it help to read all these tips, without changing anything? So, from tomorrow morning onwards you are an early bird and you use the time gained for yourself. Treat yourself with that!

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