New Month Resolution – August

I let go of the past and heal myself.

The past makes us who we are, but do we not want to continue growing? We build walls out of old beliefs arround us. We also feel quite comfortable in it because we feel safe. Anyone who tries to tear down our walls, will see us fight. It took so much effort to build our cloud-castle, obviously we dont want anyone to tear it down. We stay stubborn and insist on our old believes. There is only only Problem with that, we can not change ourselves like this.

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Our entire world exists only because there is change. If that were not the case, our planet would still be inhabited by dinosaurs. Some changes are gentle and easy, while others are huge and violent. No matter what we do, we can not stop the changes around us. Let’s just look at the last 50 years. What has happened there – good things and not so good things. How can we believe we can stay still in this energy of change?

How can I heal myself?

Everything is constantly changing, and that’s a good thing. Everything around us is constantly changing, so we also have to adapt and change. We have to let go of the old, heal our wounds and welcome new things with open arms.

  • Bring past events to a close. Find the power to let go of the past. Almost everyone has a black story in his or her past, but we can not carry them around for our whole lives. Make peace with the things that have happened to you and that you have done. It’s in the past. Now you have the incredible opportunity to reinvent yourself and be what you want to be.
  • Let go of past relationships. Some people can not understand that we have to grow and change. They also do not let other people grow around them. Do you know someone like that? Maybe it’s time to leave your relationship in the past. This person is not ready for change and just doesn’t allow you to grow.  Leaving a relationship in the past does not necessarily mean that you can not see that person anymore. It does mean, however, that you should no longer be influenced by this person. Sometimes this is only possible with a final goodbye.
  • Look into the future. What do you want to achieve? What would you like to do? Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be with? Find out how you want to live and take the first step.

Find the power to become part of the change and become the man or woman you always wanted to be!

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