New Month Resolution – May

Does it sometimes happen that your problems repeat themselves in the same pattern over and over again? Do you often think ‘why does this always happen to me’? Your ex-partner cheated on you and you just found out that your new partner is not loyal? In your last job, you were never promoted and in your new job, you are waiting and waiting to take the next step on the career ladder? You are trying to quit smoking for years, but you keep finding yourself with a cigarett in your hand? The problem stays the same, it just wears a new outfit. And there a very simple reasonbehind that: A Basic Law of the Universe:

Nothing passes until it has taught us what we need to know.

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Everything we seemingly can not banish from our lives holds a deep message for us. We are here on earth to expand our experience. We are there to learn new things. Nothing in our life just happens without reason. Everything that happens to us and every person we meet is our teacher. Everything around us is just there to teach us something. Sometimes we learn quickly and easily. Sometimes we need a tougher lesson in the form of serious illnesses or recurrent events. Everything is here to be a teacher to us.

Be brave

Now it is up to us to accept and understand the message. We can continue to ignore all signs and develop routines to not hear this cry for attention. But we will not solve the puzzle like that. The universe will keep throwing the same problem on us until we learn our lesson. We have to be brave and open our eyes. What is constantly repeating itself in my life and what should I learn from it? If the message reveals itself as a secret of your soul, the problem will vanish. Small adjustments, even olny in your consciousness, can manifest as a noticeable change in your patterns. This release will bring you deep satisfaction and joy.

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