New Month Resolution – October

My heart decides

Making decisions is often not easy. Especially when it comes to life-changing decisions. Sometimes we even quarrel for years, until we take the first step in one direction. Actually, it would be quite easy to decide for something if it were not for the conflict between head and heart, between mind and gut feeling.

Problem of decision-heart-decides

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If the head and the heart decide on the same solution, there is no problem. We can make a decision quickly and easily and are also very happy with ourselves. It becomes more difficult when our minds say something other than our gut feeling. Then we are in conflict. We hear both voices in us and list endless arguments for both sides. This mechanism makes it possible to have a discussion with myself and balance both sides, and that is important. If, onthe one hand, we were to decide only with the mind, there would be no new ideas in the world, because we would only repeat what we already know. If, on the other hand, we only decide with the heart, logic would often be lacking, and humanity would not be as developt as it is today. So a mixture of both would be the best.

Why do I say: my heart decides

Decisions of the mind paired with heart decisions of extraordinary people have brought us here, into the 21st century with all its technical achievements. We value our minds a lot and our society does not let us forget how important it is. We see that in the school systems. At the same time, the heart and our intuition are left behind. We learn to think logically but we do not learn to listen to our gut feeling. Many people can not even feel that there is such a thing as intuition. We have achieved great. We have everything we can dream of. Only one thing we do not have: peace. What technology, logic and organization good for, if we can not even get along with our neighbor.

Let your heart decide

We need to find back to our gut feeling and learn to decide with our heart. Otherwise out future might become bleak. Take politicians as an example. Would you really decide to let millions of people drown in the Mediterranean if you would listen to your heart? I do not think so. It is the same with ourselves. We can not change the politicians, but we can change our own perception and decision-making. We start on a small scale and let our peaceful heart demonstration grow. Soon a few drops will become a whole ocean. The world needs more self-love, compassion and hope and all that comes from the heart. So: My heart decides!

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