Yoga for back pain

Yoga for back pain. Pain in the back troubles the western world. On the one hand, unhealthy posture and unsuitable seating (backrest makes the back musculature weak), and on the other hand hours of sitting or standing are responsible. Sitting is an unnatural position for the body. We are made to walk and run, not to sit in front of the computer. Furthermore, stress, inner tension, and insufficient exercise cause back pain. Yoga and Ayurveda can help with back pain as a quick remedy and as long-term prevention.


Yoga for back pain - Asanas

Do not perform any forward bending. That would only burden the intervertebral discs more. Backward bending and twisting are good to relieve back pain. Every backache is a very individual problem. It is therefore important to visit a competent yoga teacher if you suffer from chronic back pain. There is no standard solution. Everyone should get a personal and proper consultation.

Ina k 1 - Yoga for back pain

Saral Bhujangasana (Easy Cobra Pose) helps especially with shoulder pain and stiffness in the upper back. It also strengthens the arms.

Ina k 3 - Yoga for back pain

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) deepens the breathing, which releases tension. It helps with back pain and keeps the spine healthy.

Ina k 4 - Yoga for back pain

Saral Dhanurasana (Easy Bow Pose) is useful for lower back pain and improves posture. Stiffness is removes, the spine is realigned, and muscles and ligaments are activated.

Ina k 2 - Yoga for back pain

Ardha shalabahasana (Half Locust Pose) helps with low back pain. It also relaxes the pelvic muscles and tones the buttocks muscles.

Yoga for back pain - Relaxation

On the one hand, physical exercises are necessary to counter and prevent back pain. On the other hand, mental relaxation plays a big role. You must free yourself from tension. This tension is not only physical, but it is also mental. It is triggered in our hectic everyday life, especially by stress. Therefore, you have to learn how to relax. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or walk in the forest or park. Those who relax regularly, learn to deal better with hectic situations and avoid stress. Stress is not just a cause of back pain. Many chronic conditions can be followed back to stress. Do something good and learn how to relax. Yoga offers numerous approaches to relaxation with pranayama, asanas, concentration exercises, and meditation.


Daily routine and balance

Daily routine promotes our health. To follow our natural rhythm and to awaken our self-healing powers you should have fixed mealtimes, bedtime and enough exercise. Routine is an essential factor for physical and mental health.


Ayurveda for back pain - Ayurvedic oil massage

A full body massage (with oil according to your Dosha) blood circulates better, muscle tension is released, and your body is detoxed. You can easily do this massage yourself.

Start with your head and massage in small, circular movements. Start on the face and then work over Yoga for back pain

the head (oil can also get into the hair) and the neck to the shoulders, arms, and hands. On long bones massages in long upward and downward movements and at the joints in circular movements. Also, massage the abdomen and chest with circular movements. Finally, massage your legs and feet. Long bones again with long strokes. Knees and ankles in a circular motion. Then let the oil soak for 15 minutes before you take a shower with no soap at all or a mild soap. A greasy film should stay on your skin.

Depending on your constitution type you should use special oil. Vata and Kapha use warming oils such as sesame or almond. Pitta needs some cooling and uses coconut, olive or neem.


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