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What is a power animal?

Power animals, or spirit animals, spirits or totem animals, support and accompany the shaman in his work. According to shamanic traditions, every person has one or more guardians who protect him. Often there are parallels between the person and his power animal. For example, the character and the personality are similar. A power animal can be any natural animal (birds, fish, reptiles, mammals) and also magic animals (unicorn, dragon). Caution is only required for crawling small animals (beetles, worms, maggots). These play another important role in shamanism (extractions) and should therefore not be accepted as a power animal.


What do power animals do?

Power animals are spirit guides in animal form, which help you with life changes and challenges. You can turn to your power animal if you need advice and help. Regular contact will deepen your connection. This will enrich your life and greatly expand your spiritual capacities. Your spirit animal appears to you as male or female and has a very differentiated personality. It should keep you healthy on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual). It gives you support, guidance and warnings. A power or spirit animal is protection and helper of higher spiritual power.

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How do I get a power animal?

Your power animal can appear in meditation, visions, dreams, shamanic journeys, or even on earth in its physical form. Often we feel a special connection to an animal and do not know why – possibly this is your power animal. You do not have to search for it to ‘have’ a power animal (We do not own it! It’s our companion, our friend). The connection exists even before you are born, but when you are looking for your spirit animal, you can deepen the relationship and communicate with it.

The easiest way to find your power animal is a shamanic journey. You should do this with an experienced shamanic practitioner who will guide you. I clearly advise against doing the first shamanic journey alone. Too easily part of you gets stuck in the Otherworld. This loss then causes problems or even diseases. Let someone show you how it works, and then you can go on a discovery tour alone.

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Why you should find your power animal

Our spirit animal can lead us to better self-awareness and improve our inner alignment. Further it helps us to live a down-to-earth and realistic spirituality. Your power animal helps you to maintain your mental, spiritual and physical health. Especially in times of change and pain it can support you in an unexpected way. It’s an asset to your life!

If you want to learn more about your spiritual guide and shamanism, visit our shamanism course at Yog Temple.

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