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New Month Resolution – January

The tradition of new year’s resolutions is as old as the non-realization of these resolutions.  It is a big undertaking to keep a resolution for 365 days. We are easily distracted and caught up in our everyday life. That is why we will give you a new resolution every month. We will show you how to integrate it into your everyday life. Every month there is a new sentence or quote for you. It keeps you in the now and lets you experience every moment consciously.

Reprogramming the subconscious

Let’s start with the first 31 days. You have the chance to bring change and reorientation into your life. Learn how to reprogram your thoughts. If you keep a sentence in your mind for a month, it reprogrammes your unconsciousness. It lets you grow bit by bit, month by month. With these 12 resolutions which we will share with you next year, you can overwrite old beliefs which are not good for you.

Resolution for January

What I think, I become.

Originally: What you think, you become. (Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha, 560-480 BC)

Our thoughts affect our reality. This message can be found in different cultures around the globe. Therfore there seems to be something to this concept. Basically, it’s very easy: My thoughts affect my energy field. They store themselves in the energy that surrounds me. In other words, I radiate my thoughts, whether I want it or not. I can not control if and when I abstract my energy, it always happens and continues until my moment of death.

Other people can consciously or unconsciously sense my energy and react consciously or unconsciously to it. Did you ever meet a person you just could not stand? Although he did not hurt you, maybe he has not even talked to you and still you don’t like him. That’s because your energies are not in harmony, so you can not stand that person.

Summing up, your thoughts affect your energy field, the reactions of others to you, your own reaction to these reactions. Thus your thoughts affect your entire reality. We should therefore pay close attention to our thoughts and try to re-program our thought patterns step by step. We should go away from negative patterns and towards positive, life-giving patterns.


How can we reprogram our thoughts?         

  1. jason cooper 482297 unsplash 225x300 - New Month Resolution - JanuaryBecome aware of your own thoughts. What do you think about you and your life? Just watch your thoughts for a while.
  2. Turn a negative self-image into a positive one. This is the hardest step, as society always tells us we should not show our strengths, because otherwise we are considered egocentric. Every person has weaknesses and strengths. We accept both and should, of course, focus on our strengths. Every weakness carries a strength. As an example: A woman who is very introverted and shy will not shine on a stage in front of thousands of people. As a therapist, however, she can do wonders because she is very sensitive to other people’s feelings. To rephrase your thoughts, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin and believe in yourself.
  3. Accept your negative thoughts. Just pushing them away does not help, as they would come back stronger. For example, accept that you are jealous of your colleague, as she is always praised by the boss and you are not. Accept this thougth of jealousy and show understanding for yourself. Of course, you will not feel good if only she is praised all the time. Accept your thoughts.
  4. Transform your negative thoughts. Instead of slipping deeper and deeper into a spiral of negative thoughts and feelings, try to change your thoughts consciously. What makes your colleague so special? What can you learn from her? Or: What can you learn from the situation that your accomplishments are not recognized? Is your success as visible as your colleague’s?
  5. Act. You want to learn something from your colleague? – Ask her for help. Your success is not visible? – Make it visible.

This process of reprogram your thoughts can take a long time. Do not be too hard on yourself. Your brain has been running on a different program since your birth. Changing to a new program takes time and does not happen in the time of a blink. It takes practice. If you invest some time, love for yourself and motivation, you will see results very soon.


How to integrate your resolution into your everyday life

  1. Creat a momo of your resolution in your smartphone and get a daily remind, preferably in the morning.
  2. Write your resolution on a piece of paper and hang it in the bathroom next to the mirror, or another place where you see every day.
  3. You can use your resolution in a mantra meditation. To do this, sit in a comfortable seat, close your eyes and recite your resolution over and over. The easiest way is to divide the sentence into two parts and think the first part when inhaling, and the second part when exhaling. For example: Inhale: “What I think” – Exhale: “I become” This practice is most effective if you perform it in the morning and in the evening for at least 7 minutes.
  4. Talk to your friends and family about your resolution. Discuss and spread some wisdom in your closest circle.

How to integrate this resolution into your daily life 1 - New Month Resolution - January

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