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Yoga Retreat in Austria (April 2018)

After a long and dark winter in Austria's Alps, our spirits were resurrected. Full of energy and elan we start in the new season. This was opened with our Yoga Retreat in Austria. At Claudia's place we found the perfect location for a long weekend of full relaxation. Claudia's Hotel Lärchenhof welcomes you like your own home.

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In the yoga sessions, our guests get to know authentic yoga from our Indian yoga teacher Nipun.

"Nipun is a great, authentic, calm Indian yoga teacher."

- Petra, participant

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In the shamanic healing session with Leni the participants can work through current personal issues and topics.

"Meditation and shamanic experience with Leni was very interesting and inspiring."

- Petra, participant

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In order to get rid of the stress of everyday life and to recharge the energy reserves, each participant receives a Reiki treatment from Nipun (Reiki masters in the Usui tradition)

"It's better to light a little fire than to curse the darkness."

- Confucius

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To create a holistic picture of health and well-being, each participant receives an Ayurvedic consultancy. The body type and the environment is analyzed and a diet recommendation is given.

"There is no one who does not eat and drink, but few who appreciate the taste."

- Confucius

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Retreat6k - Yoga Retreat in Austria (April 2018)I experienced a wonderful yoga weekend with Leni and Nipun at the Hotel Lärchenhof in Kleinarl (Austria)! Both are very special people, full of empathy and appreciation for others. It was like a massage for body and soul!

- Susi, participant

We are very thankful for all the nice feedback and look forward to our next retreats in Austria and Goa.

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