Eating and drinking like a Yogi/Yogini

In this article, I am putting some light on eating and drinking habits according to Yoga and Ayurveda tradition. Get an insight into yogic food.


Yogic food – How to start your day?

In the morning after brushing teeth, the first thing everyone should do is drinking water. In winter, People who have high cholesterol, constipation, pain in the joints, arthritis and are overweight should drink warm water in the morning. If you have no problems you can drink water at room temperature rested overnight in a copper vessel or in a glass bottle. Drinking warm water in the morning helps in weight loss. In case you are suffering from acidity then drink room temperature water.


Drinking water according to weather and issues

In winter drink warm water in the morning, it helps to maintain the body temperature and chances of catching a cold become less.

In summer, people with problems like high cholesterol, constipation, joint pains… should drink slightly warm water in the morning and people who have no problems can drink room temperature water. During the day if the temperature is hot then people with problems (cholesterol, constipation, joint pain…) can drink slightly cold water. People with no issues can drink cold water. When I say cold it doesn’t mean freezing cold straight from the fridge!


Yogic food – How to drink water?

I have noticed that people have become so busy with their lives that they don’t even sit down to drink water. The right and the yogic way of drinking water is sitting down in a squatting position, but most of the people can not sit in a squatting position due to different issues. So at least what you can do for your good health is to drink water sitting down on a chair. Yogic science and Ayurveda says in the long term, drinking water in standing gives pain in the knees, and joints and it deforms the dosha Vatta.


What can you drink or have along with water in the morning?

Drinking Aloe vera juice and amla juice, eating neem leaves, tulsi leaves and also a small amount of raw garlic is good in the morning (garlic stimulates digestion and appetite and is also good for high cholesterol). Raw garlic should be taken in a small quantity as a medicine.

In the morning you better take care of your body, it will keep you active the whole day.  30 to 60 minutes practising Hatha yoga in the morning can and will keep you sharp during the day at work, school… and also will give you a satisfied feeling from within.


Yogic food – What to eat at breakfast?

Light and nutritious breakfast. A person should not eat the same breakfast every day, keep changing your breakfast. Let’s put it like this: On Monday eat porridge, Tuesday fruit salad, Wednesday oatmeal, Thursday sprouts and fresh juice, Friday vegetable salad (the more colours of vegetables the more benefits), Saturday khichadi with curd or yoghurt… Once a week eat only one time in the evening and also once in two weeks fasting is recommended.

Some people eat straight away in the morning (*BANG*) without doing any physical activities. I highly recommend not to do this Bang Bang! Don’t do this at all, also don’t start your day burning yourself with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea it doesn’t give you anything good it just makes your way shorter towards your grave!


Yogic food – What to eat at your dinner?

Most of the people must be wondering why I am jumping to dinner and why am I not mentioning lunch…? According to the yogic lifestyle, we eat only twice a day. Till the age of 33, a person can eat thrice a day and after 33 eat only twice.

Cook your food with different oils, don’t use the same oil every day. You can cook with sesame oil, mustard oil, rice bran oil (physically pressed is the best) or cows ghee. I don’t recommend refined oils. If you are making chapatis or you are a bread eater then make your chapatis and bread with different grains.

By eating a variety of grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, oils and milk products you will consume sufficient nutrition. There will be no need for eating extra vitamins and supplements. In case you are a vegan, do not forget to consume enough Vitamin B12.


Yogic food – How to eat?

Very first thing, eat with full awareness, be conscious while eating, chew your food till the time it becomes kind of liquid in the mouth, be happy while eating and show gratitude towards the food. Increase the time of eating (chew for long) and decrease the amount of food you eat. Do not drink water before eating food. Drink water only after one hour of eating. Do not overeat.


Do you want to live Longer and Healthier!?

I guess yes you do. I have a simple mantra for living longer and healthier. The Mantra is – Fill your stomach half with food, a quarter with water (drink an hour after a meal), and leave quarter empty. Also, add 50% of fresh fruits (in the morning before breakfast) and raw vegetables (always before the cooked meals) in your diet. If you eat like this you will feel a drastic change in your body within 3 to 5 months of time. Also walking for 30 minutes after dinner is very healthy.


Yogic food – When and how to consume curd, buttermilk, and milk

Curd in the morning.
Buttermilk in the afternoon.
Milk in the evening or in the night before sleeping.
Practice Hatha Yoga in the morning empty stomach.

Try these yogic tips and say hello to a healthy and prosperous life.

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