New Month Resolution – November

One of the biggest problems of our time is our self-esteem. Since childhood everyone tells us that we should not be selfish and should not show off. Many people have deeply rooted this belief and unfortunately go so far that they do not even want to show their strengths anymore. Too big is the fear of being labeled as an egoist or, as my generation calls it, a poser.

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Each one of us carries a huge gift. A strength, a skill that no one else has. We are all as unique as snowflakes, but why do we want to perish in the swamp of modesty? Every person is unique and valuable. Recognize your own value and show it! Find your strength and do not hide behind equality and fear of rejection. Be aware: I am a wonderful person. And what we forget too often:

I deserve to be happy!

Yes, you read that right: You deserve to be happy. Nobody can deny you this right and nobody can steal your happiness. Just like noone else can give you happiness. Happiness is like a little flower that grows deep in our soul. Only we can nurture and care for it. Nobody can do that for you. Nobody is responsible for your happiness. Not your parents, not your partner, not even your friends. Only you can grow your own happiness, because it is deeply rooted in yourself. No other person has access to it. So your happiness and unhappiness depends entirely on yourself and how you deal with external influences. How much space you give to the drama that happens around you. The first step to your own happiness is simple. Become aware that you can be happy without having to do anything for it: I deserve to be happy!

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