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New Month Resolution – February

Live in the Now. We hear it from all sides. Clever marketing people have already discovered this sentence for themselves and advertise for self-help books, scented candles, yoga retreats or T-shirts with this slogan.

Ok, yes, live in the now. Alright. Where else should I live? The time machine was not invented yet. So I can only live here and now. But of course, the phrase “Live in the Now” means much more. For example, that we should let go of our bad experiences from the past or that we should not worry about the future. Therefore, I find another sentence more suitable:

There is nothing more important than this moment.

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Of course, we think about our past and are influenced by it. Understandably, we plan our future and think of our opportunities. All three times are therefore important. The future as well as the past and the present:

  • The past makes us understand why we act the way we act. Why we feel the way we feel. Our past belongs to us, we can not deny it. However, we should not drag our past along with us into our present.
  • The future offers us the opportunity to make plans and consciously develop ourselves. It gives us the gift of striving forward.
  • The present is the most important of all times and the only one in which we are active. We can let go of the old NOW and plan for the future NOW. It is the only time that really exists. We can smell, hear, see, taste, feel and act in it.

How can I live in the Now?

  • Let’s go of old. Do not torment yourself with your past and painful memories.
  • Plan the future, but do not worry. Worries do not change the future, but they change your state of mind in the present.
  • Live consciously. Keep your mind on the task you are completing.
  • Do not compare the present with the past. Do not evaluate your current experience or people who surround you. Everything may be as it is.
  • Feel your body. Become aware of your body, pain, heat, and processes.
  • Turn dreams into plans and plans into action. The future will always be the future, as long as we do not implement our plans. And we can only do that NOW!

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