Shamanism Course in Europe

How to prepare yourself for the Shamanism Course in Europe (Austria)

Shamanism Course in Europe at Yog Temple Austria.

Shamanism is a way of living. It enables  us to connect to nature and the entire  creation. Shamanism is  the oldest spiritual practice known to human kind, which was  conducted worldwide for the last 40,000 years (some anthropologists assume it to be 100,000 years.)

You can dive into the world of shamans  and healers and learn to use these ancient methods for yourself and others at Yog Temple.  We would recommend you to read following tips before you start the  Shamanism Course in Europe. We are looking forward to see you!


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Find your roots

To prepare yourself for the course you could find out more about shamanism in your region. The core of shamanism is always the same, but dependent on the region where it was practiced, different methods and rituals came up. It is very interesting to see which tradition was based in your area. Several native tribes had their base in North America. In South America we can still find shamans in the high mountains of Peru and Bolivia. In Europe the Celts and the Germanic peoples ruled back in the Iron Age and the Medieval. All those tribes had a shaman in there group, who had very important roles (healer, storyteller, mediator…). You might know Miraculix, the druid from Asterix and Oberlix, a story of a celtic tibe. He is a Shaman too.


You follow a religion? – No, problem.

You don’t have to give up your believe to learn shamanic techniques. Shamanism is not a religion. It does not have no dogma, no organization, no sacred book, and no recognized leader nor does it have a single founder. While people of many religions practice shamanism, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and Jews, not all shamans are members of an organized religion.


You want to heal yourself?

A lot of people find their way to shamanism after a long journey of suffering. Nothing else helped, so they want to try something totally different. If you have a health issue, please let us know when you apply for the course. We will work on it together. Sometimes it is a ‘quickfix’ and then you can start learning how to heal others. In some cases the issue goes deeper and we will work on it for the whole course.


Come with a clear mind

You might have picked up some parts of shamanism here and there. To get the most out of the course, we would recommend you to come with your “cups empty”, so we can fill them up with new knowledge.


Take time for yourself

We often forget to take rest and only concentrate on ourselves. See the course as an opportunity to fully focus on yourself and your growth. Give yourself that gift to put yourself into the centre of your awareness. Nowadays we are reachable 24/7. You might consider a limitation of your online activities to get the most out of the course. Be with yourself!



Finally it has to be said: Come with an open heart and open mind. Enjoy the new impressions, new relationships and  new experiences. We are looking forward to share our knowledge with you. Take the step and attend the Shamanism course in Europe. See you soon at Yog Temple!


We also offer our Shamanism course in Europe in German.

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