How to prepare yourself for a Yoga teacher training course

How to prepare yourself for a Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Every student who comes to Yog Temple is special to us. We come across teachers, students, business men, writers or just seekers. In todays world definition of yoga is different for every other individual. We can not figure out exactly what your needs are. However we can guide you in the right direction to prepare yourself for a Yoga teacher training course (YTTC). This way you will be able to get the most out of the programme.


Practice yoga under the right guidance

It will be better for you if you have some yoga knowledge before you come to Yog Temple for a Yoga Teacher Training. Read here what Yoga is.

Unlike other orthodox yoga schools we respect everybodys different requirements and viewpoints. At Yog Temple we like to share knowledge (give and take), try different things and we love to make our students experience the authentic yogic lifestyle.

Your personal yoga practice will help you to connect to the traditional teachings we give, at much deeper level. You will learn and develop the right skills which you need to build confidence. Further you can discover the inner teacher capable of giving harmonious yoga lessons to your future students.

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Come with the empty cup of your knowledge, so it can be filled…

As mentioned above to come with some yoga experience, we also highly recommend to be open.

The knowledge  you have is important, however one must welcome the new posibilities, ideas and challenges in life. It is so rejuvenating to experience new stuff and so exciting to do the old stuff in a new way. It is fun to learn a new asana or to do an old one using a new technique or to learn the techniques to achieve Sirshasana (head stand) or Adho Mukha Vrksasana (hand stand)! 🙂

At Yog Temple we never force any one to follow our teachings. We always want you to find and get the best for yourself. We try to keep the sessions interactive to maintain a flow of information between the teacher and students. This way the learning never stops.


Focus is the key

Forget and leave everything back home you don’t need during your course and focus on the development.

During your YTTC you can really be with yourself- your body, your emotions, your goals, dreams… if you are clear about your goals then we provide the environment and guidance to achieve them. Moreover being alone at Yog Temple, surrounded by Indian and western yoga teachers gives you an opportunity to discuss important questions, life experiences, authentic healing methods, but it can happen only when you devote yourself to the procedure.We highly recommend to keep away from the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter…) during the course as it can draw your mind towards the contemporary world. It is advisable to use the internet only to be in touch with your loved ones. 🙂


Ask questions

Yog Temple is of its own kind, we are not a “money making” type of school. We keep the strength of our batches small (8 to 10) so all students can ask questions and doubts freely and without any hesitations. With small batches teachers can focus  and observe their students easily and also can build a better student-teacher relationship. Keeping in mind that teacher training course is of few weeks, we provide all the necessary course material, yogic food, safe and clean environment. It makes it easy for you to concentrate on yourself and enjoy your Yoga TTC at Yog Temple. We teach the classical adjustments which has been passed on from generation to generation in India. We help you to develop the skill to modify the asanas as per your requirement and body  type. So  prepare yourself to be engaged with all the activities.


We look forward to see you on the mat!


We also offer our Yoga Teacher Training Course in a mixture of German and English.

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