Ostara – The Celtic spring festival on 23rd of March

Ostara, Celtic Spring festival, Shamanism, Yog Temple

Names Ostarûn, Eostre, Eostra, Eostar, Eostrae, Estre, Eastre, Osteria, Ostar, Easter, Spring equinox Meaning in the annual cycle Beginn of spring, Beginn of growth Symbols Egg, Rabbit, Lady bird, Birch Colours All colours, but in pastel Stones Fluorite, Agate, Jade Keywords Growth, New beginning, Fertility, Prosperity   The origin of Ostara     The first written evidence […]

Development of consciousness

Development of consciousness, Ken Wilber, Yog Temple, Yoga, Schamanismus

In this second article of the series ‚Science of Spirituality’, I will introduce you to the development stage theory by Ken Wilber, an American philosopher and co-founder of the Center for World Spirituality (now Center for Integral Wisdom). What are the steps of the Development of consciousness? Levels of Development of consciousness Ken Wilber divides […]

What is meditation?

What is Meditation, Yoga, Yog Temple, YTTC200, Shamanism course, Yoga in Austria, Yoga in India, Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Training

Meditating is fashionable. Meditation music, meditation pillows and guided meditations seem to be available on every corner. It is often overlooked what meditation really is, far from materialism and the distorted image in the media.   The roots of meditation Meditation is a spiritual practice which is used in many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism […]

Imbolc- Celtic Festival of Light on February 2nd

Imbolc - Celtic festival of light - Shamanismcourse in Austria - Shamanism - Yoga in Austria

Names Imbolc / Bridig / Oilmelc / Festival of Candels Meaning in the annual cycle Beginning of the growing season Symbols Straw dolls, straw cross (Brigid’s cross), candle, milk Colours white, bright-yellow, bright-green, bright-pink ones Amethyst, Turquoise Keywords Awakening, Renewal, Cleaning, Making Plans   Why do we celebrate Imbolc? The sun rises earlier and sets […]

Celtic wheel of the year

Celtic Wheel of the Year

Shamanism was and is practiced worldwide. Its roots can be found in many traditions and peoples around the globe. I was born in Austria and therefore I feel connected to the traditions of Celtic shamanism. My family and I celebrate the festivals of the Celtic wheel of the year and also the Hindu holidays (My […]

How to master Sirsasana (Headstand)


‘Sirsa’ is Sanskrit and means ‘head’. In yoga, Headstand is the ‘King of asanas’ because of the multiple benefits it brings to memory and concentration. It brings you great self confidence when you learn to balance upside down, however initially it should be practiced carefully under the guidance of a competent teacher. For many years […]